“Driving” a Smart car over the canals while touring around amsterdam? That is the kind of fun activity I am up for on a Saturday afternoon.

As promised, here are some “Behind the Scenes” photos of the Smart Studio shoot last Saturday. I can only tell you I had the best time filming, the production team and crew were all super nice and we had a good laugh all day.
I don’t want to give too much away as the finished video will come out soon and shared right here…I cant wait to see it!


¿Quien dijo que manejar un coche Smart sobre los canales de Amsterdam era imposible? ;) 

Como ya les había prometido, aquí están algunas fotos del “Detrás de Cámaras” de la filmación para Smart Studio el Sábado pasado, donde me toco turistear por la ciudad, enseñandoles mis lugares favoritos y todo por medio de los canales de Amsterdam. 
El equipo de producción fue súper amable y me hicieron pasar un día inolvidable. 

En unas semanas el video estará listo y les enseño como quedo. Espero que las cámaras no me hayan captado en uno de mis ataques de risa (que pasaron muy a menudo), pero en fin, espero que les guste de cualquier manera :)


Coat & Bag: Storets
Sweatshirt: COS men
Leather pants: H&M Trend
Shoes: ZARA
Rope bracelet: DIY


  1. You're always so fresh and bright!:)But I was thinking: why don't you try changing your hair colour? I think you'd be gorgeous blonde!^^

  2. I love your trench with your neon watch and pearl, what a fun mix! Love your photos!xoxo

  3. Adoro tu blog!!!!! lo sigo desde que empece en esto hace un par de meses! seía todo un honor si te pasaras por el mío y opinaras! me encantas! por cierto! me hice el clutch del DIY xq me enamoré al instante! gracias por compartir tu creatividad con el resto!:)si te gustas estaría encantada si siguieras mi blogbonito outfit!!! tienes blog?te dejo el mio y porfii si te gusta sigueme:)

  4. You look lovely! The blue trench is gorgeous… the necklace as well! Once again perfect!XoxOPlami

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  6. I can't wait to see the result of your little saturday project! I really really like the colour of your jacket, though I'm not a big fan of its cut. You just look awesome!

  7. vet! ben heel erg benieuwd naar het resultaat en zo te zien sta je waarschijnlijk ook op iemand zijn trouwfoto's ;-).groetjes,

  8. I <3 smart cars so cute and easy to drive on jam packed roads. I kind of wish I owned one, but right now I wish I owned any car really : /

  9. i love your coat! what a great color, same for the neon yellow watch. looking forward to the video :)xoxo

  10. OMG THAT'S SUCH AN AWESOME EXPERIENCEEE !by the way.. is that the guy behind your wonderful photos ? ;)i have a smart car.. but not the For-Twos (or however u spell it).. i have the roadster one :D and they're awesome carsss !

  11. haha I love these. I love the photos of the smart car. Wicked shots. It's funny also cause, from the photos as you scroll through, its almost as if ALL those people came out of that car. Awesome!

  12. Nice post! Lovely pics!Bianca

  13. Me encantan los making off, puedes ver la cantidad de gente que trabaja allí. El color del trech es increíble!

  14. You look awesome..the color of the coat is fantastic. I also love the necklace and the

  15. I am very keen on this outfit. I like how you have broken the monoty of black and grey with the electric blue coat.The necklace is not necessarily the usual style of accesories you sport but I approve. I love pearls!

  16. gorgeous pics, andy! you look amazing and I can't wait to see the video.btw, the smart is from germany, there is a german number plate. haha.X

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