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I have received huge feedback regarding my new limited edition camera bag for Kipling and a lot of you have been asking HOW and WHEN will you be able to get it.

WHERE: The bag will only be sold online and unfortunately for now, It will only be sold to the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. (The delivery address is only possible in one of these countries, however, the billing address can be anywhere worldwide, so if one of you guys live outside of one of these countries and have friends or family in one of them, you can order the bag, send it to them and maybe they can ship it to you? (please ask them first! haha) :D

WHEN: The Limited edition bag will be out for sale soon on KIPLING.com and we have set up a page where you can fill in your name and email address to be THE FIRST to receive the news when the bag will be online for purchase.

Once you sign to this page, we will send you a message letting you know: Hey! you can get the bag now! Woot!  (The message will obviously be different but you get the idea :P)

The bag is limited to a certain amount of pieces, so click HERE to make sure you are the first one to know when its for sale! :D 

Have a lovely Sunday!


118 thoughts on “WHEN AND WHERE TO BUY

  1. I love it! i'm saving for a new camera, and I think i'm going to get the camera bag first instead and save up some more. Somebody kill me now for not being sensible…but the cameras will always be available, but the bag won't….ha i'm a smart bitch. lol xxx

  2. OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH ANDY – Seriously have you seen the whack camera bags out there. Shit – i'm getting this! Also posted it on my blog! bisous!

  3. What about Italy? Couldn't you ask kipling to sell it also to Italy? it's so close to those other countries where it will be purchased.. I would surely buy it, and I wouldn't be the only one!!

  4. OMG!!!!! I love the camera bag! All the camera bags I have seen so far, are so boring… But this!? I WANT IT! Really nice. LOVE IT! :D I have to have it. <3

  5. OMG!!!!! I love the camera bag! All the camera bags I have seen so far, are so boring… But this!? I WANT IT! Really nice. LOVE IT! :D I have to have it. <3

  6. what a great and stylish camera bag. If only 1) I had a camera for the bag and 2) I lived or knew someone in one of those countries I would stalk the site to get one.

  7. Hi!Normally I am not a big fan of blogger or stars "collaborating" with brands but here I really do feel your input. And the result looks great! It's a really nice piece and I think I might get it Congratulation Andy!Diary Of a Fashion Stylist_http://valentineavoh.blogspot.com/

  8. its so gorgious!!! But dont u think the price is a lil bit over a reasonable price range? I mean not everybody has 150 € just to spend on a camera accessory. Sad, though :(

  9. awesome! I cant wait to get one! are there going to be other colours available as well? White is awesome either way. :) Well done again.

  10. I wish I had a camera to justify buying this bag even though I'm in the US I would find a way. Ha ha I bet it sells well though it's gorgeous.

  11. Heel leuk en mooi die camera tas! Het enige nadeel… waar laat ik mijn andere lenzen en mijn flitser die ik altijd bij me heb… toch niets voor mij duis.

  12. Seriously I looove this camera bag! I can not wait until it is finally out! But I wonder – sorry for my illiteracy – why did it take 1 year for this bag to be ready??Weiter so! ;)

  13. Wow! I am so happy for you that you have come so far! Well done; you can be really proud for yourself!!!I really enjoyed the DIY leather bag post, it will be really cool to read more DIY posts like that! It's easy to do and no one else has it :DI wish you a great trip to Barcelona, you have to go to the beach!!! :DHave a great Sunday,Emilyhttp://thestyleexplorer.blogspot.com/

  14. I love it to death, but although such a beautiful camera bag is kind of unique, it's just not in a student's budget. but you still did great work, Andy, that design is awesome!

  15. Thank you for letting us know about when and where to buy your camera bag. :) I directly registered to be able to buy one, once it will be available for purchase.

  16. Ooooh… now I don't know what to do. That bag is simply amazing and perfect for the 'my camerca bag is ruining my outfit'-problem but it's pretty expensive .___. Do you consider making a giveaway? hahahaha There would be some hope then :D

  17. wake it's so lovely, but very expensive though, no? I'd rather buy a new lense for that much money than a very pretty camera case. :/

  18. It's amazing! I'm dying to get my hands on one of those!!! I'm sure we would all love to see a giveaway of one of them in your blog :)-The Trendy Fashionistahttp://thetrendyfashionista.blogspot.com

  19. Woow this is perfect bag ;) Awgh, i want have this bag. I'm from slovakia ./ Andy what is your profession? You're fashion designer? Because you're my fashion icon <3

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