Fashion Week season is over and as a consequence and due to the constant traveling for the past month and a half, my apartment looks like a war zone (a fashion war zone if there was such thing). 
There are clothes and shoes everywhere so for the next few days, it will be undergoing a massive cleanup, as in for me, I am completely exhausted and need a few days to just relax and take it EASY, so I can get myself into “normal” mode again (again, if there is such thing).

The past few weeks have been incredibly amazing, from the experiences I have been through, to the people I have shared them with and I can only be grateful for the way things are unfolding for me, life is good lately! 

I am traveling to Barcelona in few days for an exciting project, I will make sure I keep you updated for that one too.

Again thank you all for following me through these exciting past few fashion Weeks, you guys are the reason why I do all of this ♥♥♥


Jacket: Vintage
Skirt: T by Alexander Wang
Shirt: COS
Bag: Vintage
Gold cuff: COS

165 thoughts on “PARIS FASHION WEEK MEDLEY day 7

  1. I love the way you're wearing this jacket, amazing with this bag, the skirt is so particular and the belt gives the chic touch! Kisses

  2. Andy!tengo una foto de tus zapatos amarillos de fondo <3los ame!me encantaria conocerte! es todo un orgullo que seas mexicanaaaaa, eres increible e inspiradora!te admiroo y amo tu ropa y tu estilo :)

  3. I've been wrong: THIS IS THE MOST FABULOUS OUTFIT IN PFW! So classy, full of lovely tones… I love it. Andy, you really rock. xoxo and hope you had a great time!

  4. OMG! the jacket is awesome!) Thanks for sharing your amazing expirience)Love, Aily

  5. Hola ! Me fascina la falda esta hermosa,las botas y el abrigo bueno todo, espero te recuperes pronto de tanto viaje y tengas fuerzas para arreglar todo.Me encanta tu blog.besosgaby

  6. Loved this post again! You look amazing and Im very curious what you are going to do in Barcelona! Ive lived there last year for three months and I absolutely LOVE that city!!! Have so much fun over there!!!

  7. LOVE IT!! gorgeous new vintage coat and bag!! so amazing:D you look wonderful as ever. and that gold cuff is SO chic, i want it :)xoxoHollyps hope you feel better soon!get rest!<3

  8. I love the jacket you have on. It's amazing. Haha totally get you on the clean up thing. I clean mine on Saturdays on Tuesdays it's a war zone : / a little different, but I understand your situation.

  9. Hello Andy !My Name's Diana, i'm from Indonesia.. you're beautiful girl, you dress extraordinary. I like the style of your clothes <3

  10. Hello Andy! My name's Diana, i'm from Indonesia.. you're beautiful and great your blog.. you dress extraordinary. I like the style of your clothes <3 <3

  11. Lol! My room looks like a fashion war zone most of the time :D Love the statement coat!XoXoPlami

  12. i love it all. the whole outfit. from the coat to the belt. its fabulous just like you. been reading your blog for awhile, but first time commenting. you look

  13. You are beautiful and awsome and you look great on every picture! :) your charisma is amazing ;) hope you get fit again fast :) love your blog, x

  14. This vintage jacket may be my favorite piece in your wardrobe (can I borrow?? hehe). And the citron color of your iPhone case is mesmerizing!! xx


  16. congrats on finishing fashion week season! you look lovely in this outfit once again. Take care and get some rest! You rocked the fashion week and through your blog I felt almost as a part of it as well :)

  17. you are gorgeous as always andy. and your boots, i want them!!!!have a lot of fun in barcelona, i lived there for one year and its just amazing!kiss from germany,la tiquismiquis

  18. Oh you look amazing! I love that coat, such a interesting design. :D Great photos too. I cannot wait for news from Barcelne you made me curious. You have such a wonderful life full of events!

  19. Wow Andy….! Really luv ur look!U r always amazing!! :DTons of luv n hugs :D :D :DI´m a faithful fan of u! ;)Keep rocking everywhere!!!!!!!

  20. muy guapa Andy!!me encanta la falda!!que suerte estáis teniendo con el tiempo!!besos

  21. wow Andy, your jacket is amazing! you look beautiful! excited for you to be going to Barcelona, it is one of my fav cities! can't wait to hear about the exciting project

  22. That coat is incredible. Love the belt and cuff too.You deserve a well rested break. Have fun in Barcelona. Miss

  23. I'll be in Barcelona for the weekend too!!! Would be lovely to bump into you! :Dxxx I'm giving away a $500 FOLEY + CORINNA bag for my blog's Birthday! Would love to see you joining the fun! :D

  24. I love your skirt and you have beatifull hair :)And the weather is so good in Paris I'm still waiting for springkiss

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