I wanted to shoot few pics for the blog at Trocadero which turned out to be the worst idea ever, since 80% of the pics had like 300 tourists in the background, so these are the pics I could save.

I m trying new things with make up, so I’ve bought a bunch of bright color eye liners to match with my outfits. 
That is all from me for now, I have a presentation at 12, its 11:20 and I haven’t finished getting ready, so I better run! This is my last day in Paris :(


Pink pants: ZARA
Leather jacket: ZARA (old)
Tee: COS
Boots: ZARA
Sunnies: MIU MIU
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana

173 thoughts on “PARIS FASHION WEEK MEDLEY day 5

  1. Interesantes las rayas de los ojos de colores neón! A ver si subes alguna que otra foto que se te vean los ojos abiertos con la raya pintada de cualquier color, se apreciará mejor cómo queda el maquillaje!!! ;)

  2. What a lovely pictures!And maybe a weir question; but do you speak Dutch? Because I don't really understand I've you are speaking Dutch or Mexican/Spanish or both? :)

  3. tengo una duda: te pones tus tacones solo para las fotos o siempre andas con ellos, por q a mi me encantan los tacones pero al final del día termino muerta y he visto que algunas bloggers se cambian para tomerse fotos y después andan muuy cómodas y tu casi siempre utilizas taconazo! como le haces???

  4. Lusciously gorgeous as ever.This reminds me I need to get some new jewellery, my collection is feeling a bit stale right now..

  5. love the shoes! and the pants!the jewellery too!! :Dwell, think that not everybody is invited to all the FW that you go! You're sooo lucky!!

  6. Absolutely LOVE this outfit! I actually love every outfit of you lately, so chic! You know exactly how to combine everything, I envy you for that!

  7. Worn with the leather jacket instead of the fur coat this is an outfit I really adore. I like the combination of the bright pink with the leopard shoes and this hard edge with the leather jacket. Furthermore I think that while the fur coat is hiding your awesome body shape, the leather jacket compliments it even more.

  8. the first few pictures are stunning! amazing outfit.. and i love your make-up experiment, great idea. xoxo

  9. The liner looks lovely! I need to start trying out looks like that. As for your outfit… wow. I can't even express the amount of jealousy I have of what you seem to do on a daily basis! You always look lovely, just as you do in these photos.x

  10. there might be millions of tourists, but you are what the focus is on- you are so pretty!!! i love the matching eyeliner, keep it up!!

  11. love this outfit! the pink pants are so great! I keep trying to get my hands on a pair, but they are sold out all the time! ♥

  12. amazing love the red pants with the leopard shoes. the first image is perfect— not only are you in paris, but you are dressed stunningly and look amazing!<3

  13. What I love about this outfit is that it's very simple but you choose perfect accessories to make it look better!xoxo

  14. hola guapa, me ha encanado el toque de color de este look!y el detalle de pintarte la raya del ojo rosa, es genial.besos

  15. Simply perfect.I have these pants, and me and 4 more spanish bloggers did a mini shooting with them for the Spanish magazine

  16. Well hun, since being in Paris, you've gone stratospheric!! You look more confident in your photos, more stunning in your outfits – everything seems to have gone woooahh!!! XXX

  17. the photos look gorgeous! at least you managed to get some amazing shots amongst the rest! love your trousers. bet you're sad to be leaving paris, it's so beautiful! x

  18. Bellissime le scarpee l'anello con scritto amour, è bello bello.. diverso dal classico ed ormai TROPPO comune love,che personalmente mi ha stancato..

  19. love this pics. very stylish.just wanted to let you know i referenced you in one of my posts this week as a must blog to read.E x

  20. STUNNING! The colors are great and are getting prepared for Spring. You are inspiring me to pop out some brightness in my wardrobe :)

  21. Definately love it! The colors are great and are getting prepared for Spring. You are inspiring me to pop out some brightness in my wardrobe :)

  22. you look amazing Andy! i adore you accessories and this outfit is to die for – wow! PS: also love the new make up

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