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Paris Fashion Week is always exciting, even if its the very last one and by the time it starts, we are all so very exhausted.

This is my 3rd Paris Fashion Week and every time it gets better and better. I have met so many of you guys outside of shows, inside some shops, walking around Paris or even at the metro! Thank you so much for being so sweet and supportive and for always sticking around, it means the world to me!

Now I leave you with an overload of pics from my Paris Fashion Week day 2, including a little DIOR paparazzi madness, VOGUE Paris new editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt , the ALWAYS stunning and stylish Christine Centenera, Taylor Tomasi-Hill, my stunning girl crush Freja Beha and my partners in crime during this fashion week Chiara and Emilie.

And last but definitely not least, I am sure you have notice a tiny little change as soon as you came into the blog this morning and I am very curious to hear the feedback! 
I wanted something very clean, very simple, yet very StyleScrapbook and I think it really fits like a glove, what do you think?


211 thoughts on “PARIS FASHION WEEK MEDLEY day 2

  1. Love the header again :). So cute I want one of those masks…do they have a Russo or Wintour one because I would rock that.

  2. Hey Andy to be hones I really liked your old header because I was in LOVE with the shoes you were wearing but I totally get the change because once in a while you just need a proper change entonces me gutsa este headert tmb!! Ademas me encanta tu outfit en este post y siemre disfruta las fotos con Chiara y tu mi deseo es q one day I will meet the two of you ;) That would be really awesome becase I really love you guys!!Mucha suerte ANdy amo tu estilo!!♥♥Style-Roulettexoxo,Luísa

  3. OMG! This post is my favourite…u girls look crazy-stunning! And your new banner is awesome!Love, Aily

  4. Tres chic!Love love love the layerings and the first shoes btw, makes you look taller than tall :)Yes, I love the new layout, fresher and cleaner ♥

  5. Andy me encanto tu nuevo banner realmente lindo. Me encanto la foto de ayer donde sales en Stockholm StreetStyle, no lo pude evitar y te puse en blog. Tu una gran inspiracion junto a Chiara son mis paginas favoritas al despertar y prender el pc, las quiero. besos. Sheika.

  6. firstly, I LOOOOVE the new banner! it's very sophisticated, simple (in the "less is more" type of simple) and very chic! definitely am digging it :) as for your images, amazing as always. I wish I could be there, in every one of them ha! great job Andy! xx

  7. My dearest Andy! So much to say!Well firstly, love all these shots. Amazing, as usual!Love love LOVE your outfit, the blue sweater is definitely what makes it!Your new header is gorgeous, love love love it!Hope you're having an amazing time in Paris, and from these photos, I see you're having just that! :)

  8. I love the pictures!! and the banner is amazing!! I think this is the best banner that you have, its simple yet sophisticated <3

  9. To be honest I liked your previous banner better!! The colors were so amazing and it fit your blog really really well! I liked it a lot.<3

  10. Wow I really love the header, it's indeed simple but very you! It looks great! :D And what lovely photos! So wish I could be there..

  11. Seems like you had a lot of fun ! I already told you I loved your header :) and I really like your leather pants and army jacket !xxx

  12. great photos and great banner!!!! i'm so jealous of you! you'rein Paris Fashion Week!!!!!bon chancexoxoFre

  13. I really like your new picture! I like it that it is so simple but it expresses it all. Very well done!Btw. I am the girl that talked to you in subway in NY, it was very nice to meet you) Stop by some time)

  14. love the kitten heels you are wearing in the first photos!and your new header is very fitting, very chic. love it!

  15. I love the Banner Andy!!! As you say it's clean, simple and so cute. If this is what you wanted, i think that there's a meanning behind it and that's always cool!!!kisses from La Mode En Rose

  16. Hey Andy,your leather pants look great with the white blouse! It's some kind of rock chic with some touch of a grown-up look – very nice!And the banner fits perfectly to the blog!Best regards and keep going!_____Leolina

  17. i love your header now… the other one was a bit messy if i can say! :) this one is more professional in my opinion! love your outfits during fashion weeks.. kisses

  18. new banner is really nice, i love the picture of you. have you been thinking about changing the whole colour of blog? maybe white or ecru for a spring :):)

  19. I prefer your previous banner. Maybe you can put a little something something at the background. maybe vector shapes around your image :)Much Love,Z

  20. Wow, that sweater the girl in the fifth pic wears is awesome!About your new header, I like it, but I liked the old one better, because of the colour and the size of the picture on the 'scrapbook'.

  21. OMG. So many beautiful, fashionable people everywhere!! It must be so inspiring/fashionable/exciting. You must have had such an amazing time!

  22. Love the new banner! You look so beautiful as always. ^^ Love the photos you with chiara! dejoiss ♥

  23. Great photos, the look is good!! see some incredible girl there!I like the changes you made in the blog… it looks simple but you… love it!

  24. lovely post! i really like your pictures with chiara, very spontaneous. also, the new banner is great i love it's simplicity. xoxo

  25. wow Andy your new banner is so pretty! Of course I noticed it right away and I LOVE IT!!!! It is such an amazing photo, you rock!xoxoCatita

  26. I love the new header! I like clean stuff when it comes to blog designs!Lovely pictures as everytime Andy. I really can see that you have fun there in lovely Paris. I think you grown up so much when it comes to personal style.P.S. I hope it's ok for you that I take two pictures for my blog. I will write about goregous outfit pictures of my blog week.

  27. I love you outfit!! Simple and effortless! Please do include where you got them at the end of the posts like you always do..for this post you didn't include the outfit part:(

  28. Wow, what a big change! I do really like your new banner, it's simple but it's still amazing. Enjoy another beautiful day in PFW as much as you can because you should know that a thousand girls would die to me in your place. :)PS: Sorry for not being around that mmuch lately but from now on I'll be more supportive.-The Trendy Fashionista

  29. NOOOO!!!!! Not the lovely header! Have mercy for it :D In my opinion the previous header was so you, i liked it very much. Lovely pictures and outfit, as usual

  30. Love the new header, it's amazing!And, I really loved your outfit, and the girl who was doing colour blocking, her outfit was amazing too!I love Freja! She's a beauitful model, and I'm lucky to have the same name! Only it's spelt with a 'y' not a 'J' !Great pics!

  31. hmm.. i dont really like your new header, but if you like it – thats the most important thing.. i guess the other was more colourfull, reminded me to spring & summer ;)but i adore your outfits and chiaras bag!

  32. Adore Christine Centenera and her style! Your leather pants are amazing! Also, the new blogger header/picture looks so refreshing and nice! :)

  33. I like the new image you put on your Blog, it's simple and cool ^^I love when you and Chiara get together, it's like the perfect duo, one brunette, one blonde, you guys should have you're one Fashion show :P

  34. I absolutely love the new design! Very stylish and very you! Enjoy Paris Fashion Week and share lots of pictures with us:)XoXoPlami

  35. Wonderlful photos ! Paris is always lovely and so is everything in it.I really like the new header !x,Julia from The Bee`s Knees

  36. Such great photos! I love the ones of you and Chiara and the gorgeous Emilie! The new heading is amazing – how on earth have you had time to do that whilst you've been here?! Enjoy the madness today..

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