Here is a medley of pics from my first day hitting the shows in Paris.

In the morning, I went to the Manish Arora show, which was kinda crazy and colorful, they even had a magician on the runway performing pretty cool magic tricks!
Few pieces from the collection were actually great (if you wear them separately), with lots of beading and bright bold colors not to mention I was probably 4 meters away from Mr. Kanye West (Yes, I have been playing his songs in my mind over and over again today).

After that I made my way to the Balmain show, but since I had like an hour to spare, I went to Starbucks (so predictable, I know) and all of a sudden I heard; Andrea Torres!, I looked back and it was my friends form StockholmStreetStyle, Caroline and Daniel.
We sat, had coffee and talk for a bit and off we went to Balmain to shoot some street style, although by that time, my feet were killing me like you cant believe.

After that I made my way to the Barbara Bui show with Emilie, which actually pleasantly surprised me ( I will post the Barbara Bui photos in a separate post), Chiara and I were sitting together and its so nice to see her here in Paris, its seems like we are together all the time in the past month :D

Right after the show, I had to immediately change to my emergency flats, grab a quick coffee with Emilie and go home to work on all the pics I took.

Looking forward to today, Dior is showing and after the Galliano controversy, I am really curious on how things will be around the show.

P.S- Huge thanks to Daniel, Yvan, Joris, Gianluca and Thomas for the pics they took!

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Stay tuned for more!


Skirt: H&M Trend (in stores soon)
Yellow shirt: H&M trend (old)
Boots: ZARA

154 thoughts on “PARIS FASHION WEEK MEDLEY day 1

  1. love the colours of the shirt and the skirt together, but for me the shoes are too much (although I love them seperately, been looking for a pair of leopard shoes for ages). The collections you showed above look great, I'm curious to see what's up next.

  2. this look is perfect like always! you are stunning Andy! skirt is so pretty!greetings from

  3. So in love with that leopard booties and loving the skirt!! perfect combination!! <3

  4. Enamorada de este post!! Y me encanta el nuevo header de tu blog!C'est tellement magnifique! Bisous Andy!♥

  5. Oh you look amazing! I love that skirt it suits you so well, it has a great fabric! :D I liked Barbara's collection, it was okay for my taste. And oh, I cannot wait to hear more news! :D

  6. Tvoj outfit je dokonale dokonalý. :) Ako všetky ostatné, samozrejme. A závidím ti ten Parížsky týždeň módy. Ja chcem isť tiež.. :D No čo možno niekedy. Na všetkých fotkách vyzeráš úplne super. Ako vždy. :)

  7. CMFW! Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week!Spain (L) our fashion is the new generation! you'll see :) I recommend u a designer: Roberto Verino (spanish)I love your

  8. I love your blog, and im curious how big your closet it because you wear every day something else haha! xx started)

  9. Wow you look fantastic!! Love the skirt, the shoes and top. And you should be so honored that youre attending Paris Fashion Week!!

  10. I am head over heels in love with this outfit!! SO fun! I love the bright top paired with the simple black & white outfit. Really gorgeous!

  11. i love the whole neutralized neon trend going on, but i've mostly seen it with greys. i love this neon yellow with white as well, such a fresh take. yes, might be a few protests around dior… good luck with those!!!january, x

  12. que guapa que vas Andy!!como siempre un look fantástico y unas fotos increíbles!!besos guapa

  13. Love this outfit, You are making me want to run down to H+M and buy that skirt and shirt! Hope you're having fun in beautiful Paris.Laura

  14. U r stunning! The outfit is the best! I think, u r so talented and with perfect sence of style. U r already a celebrity!)Tons of people are following yr style and yr movements…Good luck and keep on…I love u!

  15. Oh Andy you look stunning! Sometimes I think we are style twins because I the outfit you have one is my go-to outfit. It always looks good, yet you still make it look a million times better than ever! Leather jacket with high-waisted midi skirt . . . best combo ever! You lucky girl. Living the life you are!

  16. love yor skirt :)i'm so jelous of you being at the Paris FW :)come and check out mine on:glamourgirl-bg.blogspot.com

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