March 12, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy

This post is coming very delayed indeed, but as I always say, better late than never.

Due to the constant traveling and the massive amount of pictures taken during Fashion Week season, its only now that I am able to post these pics, which are a complete mix from some of my days in London during Fashion Week.

The first 2 nights in London, I was staying at the Hilton Green Park (as most of you always wonder where I stay and want me to recommend places for future travels), which was literally one metro stop away from Picadilly circus and across the road from the beautiful green Park and if the weather wouldn’t have been so terrible, I would have probably gone for runs through the park in the morning (YEAH RIGHT! hahaha)

As most of you Know, I was there for the BURBERRY and ACNE shows, but that is not all, I was also invited by My-Wardrobe to take part in a small photo shoot and last but not least, their re-launch party at SKETCH, which is this club that has the craziest, most awesome restrooms I have ever seen in my whole existence, resembling giant eggs somewhere inside a spaceship, very GAGA indeed! (pics can prove this!) 

We also got to go to My-Wardrobe’s showroom and style 2 outfits for a photo shoot, which was (as you can imagine) a lot of fun.
Shout out to My-Wardrobe for putting together a great event and for also taking such good care of us and introducing me to new friends, you guys are awesome!

I hope you enjoy the mix of pictures, which again, weren’t taken with my new 7D, so pardon the bad quality of some, I was just testing a new compact camera I also have and made me realize, next time, I wont leave home without my 7D, hell no!

Happy Saturday!