My life thanks to my blog is moving at the speed of light lately, there are so many trips/collabos/events happening and it can only mean that my life is changing so quickly (all for the best of course!)

Change is always good I’d say, or at least most of it and I am very looking forward to see what this summer has in store for me. 
For now, I probably should start packing my bags for my flash trip to Barcelona next week, where I will be staying for only 2 days and I have promised myself to PACK LIGHT this time, lets see if this can actually be achieved :S.

The yellow leather clutch I am wearing today is actually my latest DIY project. I fell in love with the American apparel clutches and I thought; Hey! I can make that! and since I am currently obsessed with everything yellow, choosing the leather color for the project was a no brainer.

The how.to.make.this.bag step-by-step will be up here tomorrow, so stop by if you are ready for some cutting and stitching and most importantly, the big comeback of the DIY projects on StyleScrapbook ;)


Después de algunos meses de locura me he dado cuenta que mi vida nunca será la misma, al menos no como era antes de empezar con este blog.
Mi vida se esta moviendo a la velocidad de la luz y hay muchísimos eventos/colaboraciones/viajes en puerta para StyleScrapbook, los cambios son buenos, así que yo estoy feliz.

Hoy probablemente debería de estar empacando para mi viaje a Barcelona, es un viaje flash de 2 días y me he prometido a mi misma empacar ligero y no llevar cargando 6 pares de zapatos, 4 chamarras, 6 pantalones y 5 faldas, aunque si tuviera que adivinar, diria que voy a acabar haciendo eso :S 

Esta bolsa amarilla es uno de mis proyectos de “hazlo tu misma”, así que si estas interesada en hacer una igual y preparada para cortar y coser, ven al blog mañana ;)


Shredded shirt: Rouge et noir
Pants & Blazer: ZARA
Yellow clutch: DIY
Yellow shoes: five by five

194 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “YELLOW CLUTCH”

  1. I love this look and your blog and I am your new follower now ;)Would love if you could visit my blog and maybe become a follower.Take care.Xoxohttp://insidemywardrobeblog.blogspot.com/

  2. Que estilazo tienes maja :)La camiseta/vestido que has añadido a tu look es el elemento que más lo personaliza en mi opinión.Deseando ver tu propuesta DIY. Hasta mañana.Sally

  3. I LOVE the yellow .Yellow is such a fun color to accesorize with. I can't believe you made that bag, it looks wonderful. <3Chelsea Elizabethhttp://www.organizedxxmess.blogspot.com

  4. Ay, me encanta la idea que subas un post con el paso a paso de cómo hacer esa bolsa !!! Voy a estar al tanto !!!Y hacer valijas es todo un rompecabezas :Sbesos desde Argentina!

  5. you look perfect Andy! shredded shirt and yellow heels and bag are amazing! lobe this outfit!greetings fromhttp://mikalafashion.blogspot.com/

  6. I think the mix of neon colors with simple white clothes is amazing! Love the clutch! xxhttp://smallfashiondoses.blogspot.com/

  7. Es como si me hubieses adivinado el pensamiento! llevo como un mes buscando el cuero adecuado…y precisamente para hacer el mismo clutch!Que suerte que vas a Barcelona, es una ciudad preciosa, el barrio gotico….ay…que envidia!que te vaya bonito en el viaje relampago!

  8. Hola hermosura! saludos a ti me gusta tu estilo esos zapatos y esa cartera están nenucones, quiero aprender hacer esa cartera de mano <3<3 saludos desde maracaibo-venezuelawayofmylifee.blogspot.com

  9. Andy, you are just too too gorgeous! And you will be in Spain next week? I am thinking you will be there for the same thing my sister is? Anyways, so jealous that she will be meeting you before me! haha.Have a lovely rest of your day dear!xoxo,colormenana.blogspot.com

  10. Your such an insperation!! Cant wait to get the step by step dIY! im makin my own… thanx to you! :)eyglogisla.blogspot.com

  11. love the last picture :)By the way I saw you in my Glamour Germany issue of this month :) Tweeted the pic to you.Love Lois xxx

  12. very creative! i'm usually not very much into neon colors, but you wear it very well. i'm looking forward to the DIY, seems like a lot of work. xoxohttp://storyofstyle.blogspot.com/

  13. love the yellow shoes and the DIY bag!! Gives a nice splash of color to the outfit!BTW: I saw a picture of you in the current German Glamour – named "Streetstyle from Stockholm" – page 36

  14. I can't wait for this DIY. I think I might actually do this one because you did a great job on it and it's so freakin cute and I can't buy American Apparel I just can't I have moral issues that wont let me.

  15. wow. wow. wow. wow. i am in love with this outfit. The shoes…..omg. the white jacket. wow. The setting…slight fog in the back ground. The photos are lovely, who takes your pictures? Great post. <3

  16. prachtig! ben pas een paar weken geleden achter je blog gekomen.. en nee, ik woon niet op mars. super stijl heb je, die clutch is te gek <3

  17. Great ! I wanna be a stylist so I wanna be able to do clutches ! :DYeah you're really lucky, I've been following you for a long time and you've become a real star now :)xxxwww.coralieslooks.com – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  18. Looove the shoes and clutch!! Yellow rocks!!xoxoBiancahttp://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/

  19. Perfect ! I missed the DIY and I'm really into that now : bracelets, earings and I'm thinking clothes now.Can't wait until tomorow !!xoxo

  20. Hey girl! I love your blog! You deserve all the good things happening to you right now :)The shoes and the clutch are gorgeous! In general I don't really like yellow but these are so sunny and happy they made me smile! :)Thanks for being such an inspiration to me!XoXoPlamihttp://fashion-thrill.blogspot.com/

  21. Woowwww Andy que bien que vengas a España!!!!Me alegro un montón de tu que tu vida haya cambiado a mejor, te lo mereces!!!Bsotes

  22. Wow! I love how yellow and white are so good friends. The clutch is beautiful. I want one like this too but in electric blue or neon pink. So, I hope the instructions will be here soon! :)

  23. Wonderful look! Love everything from the white blazer, to the contrasting yellow cluth! Have a nice day Andy ;-)/ Emmafierce-et-chic.blogspot.com

  24. such cute shoes! love that shreddedness as well! And a bag like that would be fun to make. Have fun in Barcelona, I've always wanted to go there.Cheers,–Megan, themartiantide.blogspot.com

  25. Yellow is a must color for spring (its the theme of my latest trend-post)…and it goes extremelly well with white!! (I would style those shoes with a white dress a la Dolce & Gabbana)!Anna

  26. me ha encantado tu clutch guapa!!por supuesto que me paso por aquí mañana para ver como lo haces.besos guapahttp://elbauldeladyshira.blogspot.com/

  27. Wow que talento tienes mujer! No puedo creer que tu hiciste es bolos. Te lo juro lo me mire y dije a AA sacó un nuevo color! Me alegró que vuelvan los DIYs y la traducciones :)Un beso de una Mexicana en Madrid,Lizette

  28. Visitaré el blog para el DIY.Que bien tenerte por Barcelona.Disfruta del tiempo y la ciudad, hoy tenemos sol y una temperatura buenísima.Saludos linda!

  29. Your outfit is amazing, love the combination! I cannot wait to see the DIY-guide, I need to sew a clutch like that, which kind of fabric did you use? I've actually made a Jil Sander Acetate look-a-like bag, it's soon on my blog! :)xAmalie Damkjaer

  30. Guapiiiisima!!! como siempre, estás genial!!¿mañana un DiY? que ganas!!!!! me encantan!!!Un besazo guapa!!!!Ah! y que vaya muy bien por Barcelona, mi ciudad…

  31. LOVING THE SHOES. the whole outfit id GORGEUS :))Check out my blog! :)http://withoutfashionwe.blogspot.com/http://withoutfashionwe.blogspot.com/

  32. I'm happy for you, Andy!I also am a fan of DIY projects and I love to sew bags… I did a white round one last week and a fitting iPhone case. If someone's interested, here are some pictures on my blog:http://www.fashionvictress.com/2011/03/10/diy-round-white-bag/And I'm very looking forward to your DIY projects, I always loved them! :) Can I ask you what sewing machine you use? I only have my Mum's one and 'cause do not any longer live at home I don't have the chance to use the sewing machine so often so maybe I buy one my own…

  33. Really??? You made that? It looks EXACTLY like the AA one! I was in Barcelona last weekend,check out my recommendations! I'm sure you gonna have a great time! :Dxxxhttp://gypsy-diaries.blogspot.com/

  34. Me encanta el handbag amarillo es precioso y le da un toque muy especial al outfit!Espero que disfrutes de Barcelona, yo soy de allí y la adoro y esta haciendo estos dos días un sol y unos días buenísimos. espero que disfrutes.BestEster

  35. Me encanta este look!!!!Los zapatos y el bolso son geniales, estás guapísima.Ah… bienvenida a España!www.rosabueso.blogspot.com

  36. ooohh barcelona. andy, i promise you, this city is just amazing. i´ve lived there one year and even after 2 years i´m still dreaming about it… :)))kiss, al tiquismiquishttp://tqsm.blogspot.com

  37. Practicaba el inglés antes, pero ahora leo mucho más rápido jajajaA mi me gusta mucho eso de haztelo tu misma así que no me perderé mañana la cita! (K)

  38. Un look genial! El blazer blanco sobr eel look en negro es sensacional y me encanta el detalle de los zapatos y bolso amarillo, un color dificil, pero q cuando se combina con elegancia es maravilloso!Paula

  39. i love everything! cant wait for the video and more DIY projects from you, btw Andy, when are you gonna tell us where to buy the kippling camera bag and the cost? (I love it)

  40. Encantadas de tenerte por BArcelona! Si necesitas cualquier cosa por la ciudad no dudes en mandarme un mail.Un abrazo!

  41. Could it be, you really got those shoes from a Philippine-based online seller? That's frickin amazing. <33 and of course, they look phenomenal with your clutch! Can't wait to see the DIY tutorial. (:

  42. Love, love, love all of it!!! :o) You're the best when it comes to DIY projects!xhttp://www.style-pursuit.blogspot.comhttp://stylish-bargains.blogspot.com/

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