March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy

Spring oh Spring,  you are starting to make appearances more often and I am really not complaining at all!

Can you all believe we are in the middle of March?, which means the first quarter of the year is almost gonzo, which also means that for us in the Northern Hemisphere we are one step closer to the much anticipated summer! 

As some of you read on twitter last weekend, I am going through a ridiculous “Nothing to wear” post Fashion Week season syndrome, so what I was wearing on this post is pretty much the first thing that I came up with after a much frustrating browse through my closet.
After I got this on, I realized my tights were actually ripped and I thought : “Oh well”, so please mind the  hole and try not to judge :P, the skirt was just an experiment with a maxi a needle and few minutes of stitching.


Boots: GIVENCHY via Lindestore
Skirt: DIY
Sweatshirt: Supadupa Vintage
Watch: Triwa
Sunnies: LANVIN for H&M
Coat: ZARA