If I had to choose my favorite pair of shoes in the closet right now, I think these leopard YSL heels would definitely be top 5, but don’t be fooled by the name, these are indeed killer heels and when I say killer, I mean it, my feet would tell you, they don’t like them very much :(

In other news, I am so incredibly overwhelmed by your response regarding my new camera bag, thank you so much! 
I will soon give you details on when you will be able to buy it, in which colors it will be available and all the details you have been asking.


Siento mucho haber dejado mis traducciones en Español, el problema fue la falta de tiempo y el hecho de que me la he pasado de arriba para abajo en los últimos meses.
Prometo al menos intentar agregar mis traducciones mas frecuentemente :).

En las fotos de hoy llevo mis zapatos favoritos de YSL, pero la verdad, son un infierno al caminar, así que desgraciadamente auguro que los voy a usar muy poco.
He puesto a mis pobres pies en cada pesadilla cada vez que tengo un evento o que es la temporada de “Fashion Weeks”, así que si mis pies pudieran hablar, te dirían que odian estos zapatos, pero como puedo odiarlos yo, si son tan hermosos ♡ haha.


Pink top: River Island (old)
Jacket: Vintage
Shoes: YSL

220 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “LEOPARD YSL”

  1. absolutely love those shoes. Was looking through the photos…hmm… area looks familiar….but it could be anywhere….Then I saw the photo of the bikes going by, the canal and the Amsterdam XXX mini pillar things. Haha! Nice to meet you :)

  2. ola querida, sou de um blog brasileiro. estou amando seu blog muito rico e maravilhoso. visite-me no meu adoraria trocar figurinhas jajaja, besos eu amo o mexico.www.taonic.blogspot.com

  3. They are amazing!! But you shouldn't wear them without stockings. You should wear some mini socks or something. And some talcum powder! With me it makes a huge difference!

  4. NOOOOO! You are KIDDING me!!! This outfit is just soooo great… The shoes, the 7/8 jean, the COAT, the pink neon. Simply amazing, Andy. so bad for the shoes :(xxx

  5. Hello Any! I'm your fan from Taiwan!! The watch you wore in the pic is SO GORGEOUS !! Could you pls tell me where did you buy it ? What's the brand ?

  6. Me encantan tus Killer heels!! hoy he usado unos por algunas horas en las calles de empedradas de Suecia, mala combinación…. y también que si mis pies hablaran ya me hubieran dicho unas cuantas malas palabras jajaj…Bsss

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  8. Me encantan los zapatos, como queda con la remera. TODO!Te dejo mi blog por si querés pasar!Besos de Argentinahttp://thereallookbook.blogspot.com

  9. Gorgeous Shoes Andy! Also fantastic to come back off of holiday and be able to catch up on some fantastic blogging from you!!xx

  10. Those heels are hot. Why is the best looking shoes are always the ones that hurt the most :( in the mean time I wonder how Lady Gaga and Beckham does it…those woman must be geniuses or they haven't felt their feet in years.

  11. Love it!Hey Andy! Yesterday I bought the German Glamour Magazine and have you discovered there. You have been marked as STOCKHOLM STREET STYLE, with your beautiful Maxi Skirt Outfit :) I really liked:)♥

  12. awwwh son preciosos! pero se ven muy incómodos :S auchyo tengo unos botines altísimos y es un suplicio caminar con ellos, aunque los amo! u_u pero si los uso me ando matando jajaja!saludos!

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous shoes! You wear them so well. But I don't think I could ever walk in them. Congratulations to you for achieving that :)

  14. oh my they look extremely uncomfortable. but i LOVELOVELOVE your watch. is that vintage? somightyvintage.blogspot.comhttp://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=6dc96020714d6ec9d27cd25f75973ce2&eu=ifcW5FrGbevisw-AtmEUbg#!/somvtgxx mel

  15. These heels are probably the coolest ones I've seen in a long long time, but they seem to be extremely painful though! Be careful when wearing them Andy, we don't want you injured! PS: I'm from Barcelona and I would really like to meet you when you are ehre next week. Where will you exactly be? You have some fans really looking forward to meeting you! Take care!

  16. Muy lindos zapatos!! son un sueño.. pero si debo decir que es una lástima cuando son un infierno para nuestros pies!me encanto el lookbesos desde argentinaelliehttp://itstyleblog.com

  17. omg Andy!!! These heels are SUPER high! You look stunning, but I dont know how you manage to walk in these shoes… you're so beautifulll! Definetely my girlcrush! hahah :***

  18. … si siempre he pensado que ese tipo de zapatos son hermosos, pero super incomodos! Que valiente eres al someter a tus pies a una gran tortura! Saludos paisana!

  19. andy, u look so cute, as always :DI made the post with u , hope u like it, and dont mind !! I really love ur style and imagination !!u also can find it on my blog xohttp://chessxo.blogspot.com

  20. I just don't understand how high end labels can sell their items for thousands of dollars when they aren't even comfy/durable/good quality.Gaahh I will never get it.But on the other hand, if someone asked me what kind of heel every girl should have, I would def say a pair of leopard heels :)ahiddensea.blogspot.com

  21. Me encantan los zapatos pero a leguas se ven que son incomodísimos por muy YSL que sean. Yo necesito zapatos cómodos (y estilosos al tiempo) para ir de acá para allá todo el día.Besos,

  22. Es genial poder seguirte en español, aunque lo haga en inglés, mucho mejor para todas :)Los zapatos son absolutamente increíbles, pero me duelen solo de verlos.No sabes lo que me encanta tu blog ;)Un besazo.

  23. Ik wou even zeggen: gefeliciteeeerd je staat in de Metro krant! Ik dacht 'verrek ik ken haar! omggg' Echt super gaaf dat je tassen ontwerp *o* I can't wait to see them really :)xx

  24. OMG ok. A) Where can I get that watch. That is beautiful. B) I wish I wasnt already 6' tall, I would SO rock those shoes they're so amazing.

  25. I like this jacket :)These shoes are amazing and that's a shame they are painful :( I love the shape of the YSL shoesin generalI want your camera case !!!xxxhttp://leslooksdecoralie.blogspot.com/ – French fashion blog

  26. i love your style andy..which includes the YSL shoes :Pbut i must admit i prefer you without the long skirts! but anyway that depends on the taste..keep doing your thing..kisses,Marilena

  27. These heels are gorgeous! They deserve all the pain your feet have to deal with ;) You're a true inspiration!Oh and I love the way the watch matches the blouse :)XoXOPlamihttp://fashion-thrill.blogspot.com/

  28. me encantan los zapatos!!!y me encanta la combinación con rosa fluor!!besos guapahttp://elbauldeladyshira.blogspot.com/

  29. oh dear those YSL tribtoosss <3they're definitely a scene stealer !my friends have told me that they're not so good for long hours though :/

  30. Andy me encanta tu estilo, acabo de descrubir tu blog viendo el de lovely pepa que es una niña de la que soy seguidora incondicional. A partir de hoy te sigo. BesitosClara

  31. Esos zapatos son increibles, y me he enamorado del reloj. Me encanta tu estilo y veo que te ha gustado mucho la tendencia del fucsia… yo estoy obsesionada, jajawww.rosabueso.blogspot.com


  33. I'm so so WOWed from this outfit! Well I feel like that from every outfit from you, but that's another story! I love love love these shoes!! Ok, they are not comfotable, but COME ON we are talking about fashion!! :D I so love your style, you're one of the best fashion bloggers worldwide! I wish I had your life! :)

  34. estás impresionante Andy, me encantan esos zapatos! Pero para mi es necesario sentirme cómoda y agil al caminar, y con zapatos tan incómodos lo encuentro imposible.Guapa! Por cierto, la bolsa para kipling es lo MÁS!

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