When I am in full on “Fashion Week season” mode, I literally forget in which day I live in, sure I know the time, but that is just because I have to rush to different shows/appointments/interviews, but time during fashion week seems somehow different to time during other times of the year, at least for me.

I’ve been home for about 5 days for a much needed break from NY and London Fashion Week, but I am not here for long, oh no, not just yet…As we speak I am heading to the airport, because Paris fashion Week awaits, more shows, more parties, more friends and more sleepless nights…God have mercy, but how I love my life!

Last but not least, these are the pictures of what I was wearing to the Michael Kors show, I also had a blogger date with the sweet Erika from FashionChalet, we had few hours of non stop talking about life as a bloggers and its funny to see how people living in completely different places in the world, can have such similar experiences.

P.S- I wish that my NY posts were never ending, I am missing Manhattan so much!


Boots: Balenciaga
Blouse: H&M
Bow tie: LANVIN for H&M


  1. That's an outfit I really love, cause it's something I would wear myself, while mostly I love your outfits only on you, but would never ever wear them myself, this is something I especially like!

  2. you are just amazing. As simple as that! I love your outfits and I love EVERYTHING. nice new logo for your blog also! Congrats for being in New York Times. Nicely done ;)

  3. This is such an inspiring look! I own a bow tie,too, my boyfriend gave it to me. Such a chic addition to any outfit. :)http://fashioninsouciance.blogspot.com/

  4. Hello from London! Love this page! Please take a look at our blog, themed on quintessential British fashion and how to pull of seasonal trends with a capsule wardrobe – follow it if you like it :)http://southmoltonstreetstyle.blogspot.com/ Lots of love xxx

  5. Hi Andy!I love you'r blog and I have been following it wor a while now.I'm sure you have already heard that John Galliano has been fired from Dior.What is your opinion about it?I'm sure I'm not the only one who want's to know.

  6. Although I'm not a big fan of your boots this is an amazing outfit. Normally when I read bloggers talking about how great fashion week is and how much they love their lives I get really, really, really jealous. But you completely deserve a spot in the fashion business, your an example to me ;). ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  7. i love this look so much!!! your leopard skirt, bowtie, and boots are just amazing. i think this my be my favorite look of yours from NYFW. have fun in PARIS!!thestyle-child.blogspot.com

  8. me ha encantado este outfit guapa!!la pajarita le da un toque super divertido.muchos besos guapahttp://elbauldeladyshira.blogspot.com/

  9. BEAUTIFUL! You look amazing, love the skirt and the bow is so cute! Absolutely in love with your blog, hope you can check out mine! We should follow each other! :)http://luxecouture05.blogspot.comx

  10. This looks so great:)I am really jealous of your life, it seems so exciting:) I am so happy to be able to read your blog,hehe.Ps: Why don't you make yourself a formspring account?:) So we could ask you questions :-)greetings from luxembourg, jil

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