Giambattista Valli F/W 2011 was simple yet one of my favorite collections during Paris Fashion Week, I guess it has something to do with the winning combination of Black & White, the pops of color and the stunning silhouettes.

Most designers have emphasized the fact that they to want to see us dressed like beautiful rainbows during the very anticipated seasons to come (bring out the pink skirts, orange tops and yellow belts people!), as in for me, I am lining up all the colors I have to offer, so expect few pops here and there, or forget here and there, maybe this time, I will finally go all out, who knows.



75 thoughts on “GIAMBATTISTA VALLI FW 2011

  1. Quién lo diría…rosa y rojo juntos y me encanta!!! una colección de cine y las fotos increíbles porque hasta se pueden apreciar los tejidos!!chapó!!besitos Andy

  2. i am in love with this collection! the monochromatic charcoal suit is so simple and chic! and i love the bright colors, i would love to see you go all out! you could definitely pull it off andy :)

  3. I could def picture you in these Giambatista Valli pieces girl! Love the pops of fluo colous! Love, Lena!

  4. colors!!! I think it's great that we can lighten up the darker season with some colorful pieces :) looking forward to summer AND fall/winter :)

  5. My favourite outfits are usually black and white with colour pops :) So modern and playful at the same time. Looking forward to seeing lots of colour!!x

  6. Looks like the colour block trend will be with us for so much longer… But the problem is that I don't really look good in all these brights! :o)Anyway, the collection is beautiful!x

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