I arrived in Paris yesterday afternoon and I am so ready (sort of) for the Fashion Week madness to begin.
Here are some pics I snapped with my iPhone while I was on the taxi, Paris is so magical!!!

I will also be updating all my adventures LIVE from Paris on HYPEED’s Facebook page, so make sure you are following it so you don’t miss all the action!

And before I go, I have to share something that happened yesterday;

While I was on the train on my way here, I spotted a young couple sitting waiting for the train to arrive, they must have been around 17 years old and it was so sad yet romantic to see them say goodbye.
The girl was getting on the train, with a small suitcase, her boyfriend was crying uncontrollably, yet he was making sure he was discreet, but you could see the sadness in his eyes, they were bright red and so was his face…They kept hugging so tight, kissing and saying I love you while both were having tears falling down their cheeks…

I know it was non of my business to look, but I just felt so moved by this scenario, because this exact same thing happened to me almost 9 years ago, but for me, that was the very last time I saw him … Young love.

…”Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead”…


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  1. A medida que iba leyendo la historia del tren pensaba en cuántas veces he vivido lo mismo, con aviones en realidad… hasta la última vez, en septiembre, sabía que era la última, y no puedo evitar acordarme de mi llorando subiendo al tren, verle a él en el andén, intentando disimular, pero con una cara de tristeza indescriptible…young love, as you said! la vida sigue gracias a Dios! :)un beso enorme, Andy!

  2. wow, Paris truly is just so magical!I have also felt this horrible sadness in saying goodbye, although I was lucky enough to stay together. But in life, I believe, everything happens for a reason.Have a wonderful time in Paris!♡ Fox Whiskers

  3. pobresitos, me imagino lo que han de haber sentido, yo lo viví hace 3 años y no fué algo muy bonito.Me dejaste pensando con ese relato.

  4. awww… how sad but beautiful at the same time. It happens to me too… my boyfriend is italian and althought he lives here, he has to go to italy often, and everytime I cry like a child at the goodbye moment at the airport. For me is one of the saddest situacions… that was so touching andy. thanks to explain!and… Paris! how lucky you're! have fun!!!xx

  5. Como te envidioooo tengo unas ganas de llorar que no te imaginas! I want to be here, with u!!! =( Bueno, como no hay remedio para esto te deseo que disfrutes lo máximo por tí y por mí! "Estamos en contacto" hahahaha!xxUn beso preciosa!

  6. Beautyful the city and touching the story.. have experienced that situation several times in my life, as my bf lived far away from me before…

  7. It is always so touching to see love couples like that. Especially when you experienced the same.Well, I hope you'll have A LOT of fun in Paris! And make a lot beautiful pictures as always!Love from,POSE

  8. Oh that was so sweet.. and yes sad. I know the feeling..I have a distant relationship and it's not so easy.And Paris… the most beautiful city ever! :)

  9. Aww that's a sweet story. Sad too. In the meant ime Paris looks amazing. I can't wait to visit that city someday.

  10. aw, I hope whoever they are, that they see each other again soon! young love, first love is magical… I wish them the best! and what a magical city to witness that :) beautiful Andy! can't wait what you have in store for us :DXX

  11. This is greaaat ! I live in Paris and I wish I could meet you someday.. You're such an incredible inspiration, a role model. Your lifestyle is everything I ask for, but I'm sure my day will come. Until it does, I check your page everyday to see what's goin on. Somehow I feel we're good old friends you know. Thanks for sharing ur amazing life with us. Love you xxx

  12. Andrea,a Big HELLO from………. BRASIL!!What a beautiful photos and what a moving history about the young couple!Thanks to share it with us, your fans!I saw your Posts about the Big Apple and I hope Paris will mean FUN and so many unforgetable lessonsfor you, a great person,fashionist and blogger!Stay in the Peace of God!!You and All Your Readers!!~~~

  13. I came across this post via twitter and I never really take the time to read what you have to say under your pictures, but that was so touching that my heart sank. I've been reading the commentary under your posts for 20 minutes now. amazing.

  14. I love the romantic sad story. Same thing happen to me. The good news is that months later we decided to be together. So we move distance to be together. Bad news years later I found him having sex with craigslist whores.True story!No regrets

  15. I miss Paris! You're so lucky you get to travel so much! Have fun and shot a lot of pics for us please!!Xx Jorienshe–

  16. Another great post, Love your blog! Ahw, the young couple.. so cute, yet so

  17. Welcome to Paris! Hope you've found a Celine shop.. Such a sweet story about that young couple – happened to me too, but he was only going away Mon-Fri. Young love indeed!!

  18. oh that sounds so romantic, and so sad, I probably would have started tearing up aswell along with them :P

  19. I love Paris more than anything else in the world!! And well,,,, love is so complicated :) Good post! I'm crying now jjj Kisses.

  20. what a sad story!!have to say that I am in the same situation everytime I leave my boyfriend(we live far from eachother) and everytime we have to separate…well the same thing happens…but we believe that one day we will be together..this is the most important!!by the way…very lovely pictures andy!!xoxo

  21. omg!such a sad story about the couple :(My eyes were full of tears while I read it. It's so sad when people should break up or be far away from those who they love.Hope those guys will be happy and together very soon!thank you for your post, Andy! stacey from Ukraine

  22. seeing these photos from Paris while i was reading what you wrote about this young couple, i've been touched!have fun there and rock the place!! :)xoxochara

  23. cant wait to see your updates from paris dear !!i want to see "adventures of Andy & Denni" lol.. i love your videos u shot in paris a couple months ago too :Dim heading to paris this May, and i cant wait to revisit the beautiful city (and maybe meet denni too.. lol)

  24. Aww that sounds so sad! If I had seen it for myself I probably would have cried with them :cCan't wait to hear all about your adventures there! <3

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