And because I like keeping my word, here is the step-by-step… 
C’mon, its Saturday, you have no school, no work, you probably have a party later today, but you are free right now, so get the fabric, scissors, pins and let the party begin!, then, you take your new clutch to tonight’s party? How does that sound? :P



Y como soy una mujer de palabra, aquí esta el como hacer la bolsa, paso a paso … Es Sábado, no tienes clases, no tienes que ir a trabajar, ¡No hay excusas! … Ve por la tela, tijeras, alfileres y que empiece la fiesta :P.


272 thoughts on “DIY: YELLOW CLUTCH

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  2. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I know its old but still.
    I knew making one of these bags had to be easy. I have been salivating over the American Apparel carry all pouch for a while now, but there was no way I was paying almost 70 bucks for a big piece of leather with a zipper. Though they did have some lovely pastel shades.. I was torn between lavender, powder blue, bubblegum, and iridescent silver.
    I will be scouting out the materiel to make this as soon as I can get to town!
    LOL I am going to make an absolutely HUGE clutch.
    Maybe I’m an idiot, but I don’t understand how your zipper was the perfect length for the clutch you made. Oh well, I’ll have to ask my mother, as she can actually operate a sewing machine, unlike me :/

  3. This color is so cool. I have seen DIY Clutches popping up all over the place. You all should check out my instagram @designsbysmiley to see my creations..

  4. Hey Andy you’ve just solved my problem!! This morning I bought a pair of green sandals and I was looking for a green handbag like this one, but now I will do it by myself. Thank you

  5. This is fantastic! I realize this post is over a year old, but I will definitely be trying this, as it is still right on trend.You rock, girl. :)

  6. hola, me encanta tu blog! quisiera saber como coses los costados de la bolsa en la parte de arriba donde va el cierre, mucha sgracias :)

  7. Totally LOVE this! I bet it was a lot cheaper to make then most clutches on the market right now and yours is way cuter too!

  8. OMG!!! this is amazing!!! did you use a leather sewing machine? or a simple fabric sewing machine?? I only had the simple one at home….. :(please continue to post more DIY! would love to read them!

  9. This is so awesome! It looks really simple, I'm very tempted to try it but my sewing machine doesn't work. :( Sob! Maybe I'll try to hand-sew it? X

  10. Omg. This tutorial just saved me so much money. I've been wanting one of these pouches but just not willing to shell out the cash. Yours is so cute! Thank you!

  11. Hi there, this is a great bag!just wondering if you have left out a step? from the part stitch on side of bag to the sew zipper it doesnt seem to make sense.Do you mean stitch sides or zipper, as the picture below looks like the zipper has a different position to top images.thanks tho!i love the yellow

  12. Andreaa!! por eso te adoro! :) me encanta cuando subes los DIY <3 y este esta GENIAL!amo tu blog :)Atte:

  13. I really love DIY stuff!!! XD You are AMAZING! I love your yellow clutch. :) Too bad I am bad at stitching but I think I will try, a pinky one as soon as I have more time. :D

  14. é bene si la prima volta che lascio un commento nel tuo blog, anche se é da un può che ti seguo!!!Questo poi di tutti i post che ai fato é il più originali… perché: l'ai fatto tu!!! in tutti i sensi…sicuramente seguirò passo a passo qle tue indicazioni, se Marc Jacob sà che io non compro più la loro borsa gialla per colpa tua hummm… baciose vuoi seguirmi ecco mio Mini blog, non posto con tanta voglia come te ma ogni tanto…

  15. this is amazing Andy! I like how you still manage to add DIY posts no matter how busy you are with traveling and events. This is what I really like about your blog since the beginning! I'll try this myself! Thanks for sharing! =)

  16. I have made one now :) it wasn't so hard :D Really happy with it. Used some old tests from a leathersofa and an old zipper from my mums sewingkit and voila :) You are so inspiring!

  17. The only bad part is I don't have a sewing machine :P I really want to get one at some point though, but also my hand stitching is pretty bad. : /

  18. I love this! I was actually going to try making the clutch as well, when I saw them show up on AA and in the hands of fashionistas! Where did you find such awesome leather?

  19. this is such a good idea. when i first saw that blue Celine bag i did an entire post on it. and then i saw them at american apparl, but they didnt have the color i wanted. and then came up with this. sooo smart. u have no idea how excited i am. thank you so much!!! how much was the leather?

  20. Beautiful! American Apparel's got nothing on you!! Cool step by step pics, I don't have a sewing machine…but maybe I can bribe a friend to let me use theirs…hmmm!xo EmilyBELLISHMENT

  21. haha andy you are brilliant! :p I'd love to make one in time to go out on my saturday night:) hope you have an amazing rest of your weekend!!much love,

  22. Thank you for this tutorial! I'm definitely making one myself :) And I will follow your example and make it just as bride! :)XoXOPlami

  23. wow… thanks for sharing , I'm definitely doing one, maybe in nude (like the clutch from american apparel) and yellow too!!!

  24. Love this tutorial!! I didnt realized that its so easy, I might make one for me tonight, going to the fabric store <3

  25. OMG! this is really amazing, I never could've imagined that making a clutch by yourself could be so cool and look so extremly good!! I am definetely ur new follower :) xoxo!Head over High

  26. that looks so cool! don't think i can pull this off as pretty as you did, but i think i should just give it a try once! thanks for sharing Andy!

  27. Thank you SO MUCH for this! I have an amazing leopard tissue, since a while! Now i know what to do of this :D xoxo, Cé

  28. I love it! Great idea, and so easy to make:)))congratulations, looks very stylish.Follow my blog, if you like vintage:)

  29. Muchísimas gracias, este post es perfecto!! este finde lo pondré en marcha…Te sigo desde hace mucho por bloglovin, pero ahora acabo de abrir mi blog y te sigo por aquí tb!!Para mi sería un honor que te pasaras y me dieras algún tip… Me haria muy feliz!!Muchos besos desde España!!

  30. Sadly colored leather fabric is nowhere to be found in Malaysia. Seriously, you'd be in tears to know the minimal amount of fabric they supply here.It's a good tutorial tho. Good job, Andy <3

  31. Great idea and great DIY!only thing, I guess you missed the step where you sew the sides of the clutch?But anyway, Hands up for not being scared to work with leather))

  32. I've been searching for a place to buy leather for ages… can u buy it in regular stores in amsterdam? or did you buy it online? great DIY ;-)

  33. Awesome! I think I'm going to try this with some blue, as I decided that will be my colour this summer ;)(and maybe some orange..)-X-

  34. Hummm it looks simple. Put I don't have a soing machine at the moment. I have to wait till I go back to Portugal (in September) in order to do that :P

  35. precioso, muy sencillo parece salvo por el tema de la maquina de coser pero se lo dare a mi madre para que me lo cosa ella. Te ha quedado genial.Gracias,caprichos de ana

  36. I rush to the shop for material and I'll do probably three colors.Love this idea because I can't find clutch like this in stores!

  37. This is AMAZING! Thank you soo much for sharing. It really makes your blog even more special than what it already is. I hope you'll post more DIY in the future (like one to make long skirts would be cool). Thank you Andy! You're the most creative fashion blogger :)-The Trendy Fashionista

  38. This is AMAZING! Thank you soo much for sharing. It really makes your blog even more special than what it already is. I hope you'll post more DIY in the future (like one to make long skirts would be cool). Thank you Andy! You're the most creative fashion blogger :)-The Trendy Fashionista

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