Ladies and gentlemen, huge apologies for the lack of updates yesterday but things are hectic, between shows, after parties and well, NEW YORK CITY itself!, I haven’t had time to go though all the pics I have taken. 
I am literally editing little bits during the night and in the early morning so here is the first set of pics, just to show you what I wore for my first day of NY FW.

I am having such an amazing time and I am really sad that its going to end in few days but before I get all pessimistic about leaving, I will tell you that I still have few awesome shows to go to and last but not least, the  BLOGLOVIN’ awards tonight! Will you be watching the LiveStream? If the answer is yes, they I will see you tonight! or more like you will see me, us, everyone who is coming!

P.S-Huge thanks to Michael Kors for the amazing present they sent me!


144 thoughts on “THE NY FLARE PART 1

  1. Hi Andy, I go to holand a few days and i want to know if there are jeffrey campbell in any store. Everyday i read your blog i love it! : )

  2. Lol its funny how you arranged the pics this time.. bagles then you then bagles then you!? LolIts much fun jus going through ur blog.. makes me wanna start one myself ;) xxx keep rocking fashion

  3. The pants, THE PANTS! It's stunning! The pictures made gorgeous :)And for you (and also all your readers/followers): It's been over a year ago since Mister McQueen passed away. If you want, leave a comment at my blog, POSEout of respect for this amazing designer :)Hope you're having a great time at the NYFW!Love from,POSE

  4. Hi there ! Is there a chance you could finally tell us all WHERE DID U GET THOSE BLACK SUNNIES ?! Thanksp.s. Does anyone else know the A to this Q ?

  5. looks chilly there in NY, but the streets and the snow look so beautiful. continue having so much fun! and what did MK send you? Is that a phone??

  6. Just finished watching Bloglovin awards,Andy, you're the best ever!! Even though you weren't nominated, you're still an amazing blogger and a nice and sweet person. Please don't ever change!!:) Much love from Montreal!

  7. i LOVE that belt! No doubt you're going to have a great time in New York – if you have time, you have to try the Clinton Street Baking Company – best breakfast in town. I can't wait to go back there this spring!

  8. Hi my dear,it's me Julia, from the blog "geeksndfashion" am about to start my own company with a girl from New York.Our first step will be shoes… Like very extraordinary ones with lots of studs and stones on it.I would like to send you one pair for free and I would really really appreciate it if you could wear them for blog postsand support me in any way.All I need is your shoe size and then you will get them in like 2 or 3 months.Wish you a wonderful week!!! Kisses Julia

  9. Hey Andy, loving the belt!!! :D Where did you get your watch? :) From a far it reminds me of an oversized rose gold watch I got from Michael Kors. What was the gift they gave you? A camera?New York is amazing! :)

  10. I love the pictures and the whole atmosphere of the NY city is easily felt in your photos:) that's amazing, I can only wish I was there:anyway, you look fabulous, Andy!Happy Valentine's day!xxSasha

  11. Andy you look amazing. I didn't realize you had wide leg trousers on you lol, but they are awesome and I love that belt, though you look a little cold :/ I also love that your on Eastern time haha so I'm actually awake when you post. Sadly though I have to meet my trainer tonight so I'll probably miss the awards, but good luck. I voted for you.

  12. I love your outfit! Your gold belt really stands out! Beautiful as always Andy!David<a href="”></a>

  13. Como siempre unas fotos geniales!! Me encanta el abrigo y que buen regalo de Michael kors. A pasarlo en grande!xxLuna

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