I pretty much just landed back home in Amsterdam after yet another crazy busy Fashion Week but this time in London.

I am beyond tired but I will leave you with one of my favorite pics from the past few days, which was actually taken with my new beloved iPhone4 :D…Meet my new Danish friend Sidsel, she is the coolest and made my days in London super fun.

Expect a cool post tomorrow!



I know I am so behind with my NYFW posts, I know guys, I know and I am sorry, but as you probably know, I am in London Fashion Week right now, or more like waiting at the airport for my flight back to Amsterdam.
Fashion Week season is CRAZY for me, I always spend it flying around to places and always end up with too many photos and too little time to post them, but this time will be different and although they are a little bit late (just a week), I still have a ton of things to show you from New York, I hope you like them!

Here are some snaps from the Diesel show during NYFW last week, how do you like it? I loved he venue, very urban and hip and I liked some of the pieces, although not all of it was my style, but that is with every collection I have seen.

Next stop, Amsterdam and then…


LOOK OF THE DAY “22nd & 10th”

Between shows, parties, sightseeing and get togethers, NY happened in a heart beat, I still haven taken it all in and as we speak, I am waking up in my hotel in London, getting ready for the ACNE show and realizing how FAST time runs in the fashion industry.

Less than a week ago I was waking up to freezing yet sunny New York, today, I woke up to a cloudy and probably rainy London, I wonder where will I be next week?


Shoulder-less Plaid skirt: Supadupa vintage
Green watch: Swatch