As we speak, I am getting my stuff ready to fly to NY first thing tomorrow and this is roughly how my New York FW calendar is looking, although I am leaving room for a bit more since I am still receiving last minute invitations.

I am so beyond excited about the next few days, because this will be my first NYFW (Second time in NY), but most of my blogger friends will be in town as well, so I am sure it will be a week to remember!

I am trying to make some room for a bit of sightseeing and some shopping, so if you have any advice at all of where I should go or what I cant miss (it can be from an amazing shop, a vintage store, a good place to eat lunch/dinner, some art, etc.) pretty please share in the comment box below, I will appreciate it!


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  1. Have fun in NY!My second home….If 21st century is too busy try Loehmanns and Filene's basement at Union Square, sometimes they have amazing designer finds for almost nothing!

  2. Vintage shopping at Beacon's Closet and the best drinks I've ever had at Hotel de Mano – both in Brooklyn.And if you want to do something a little touristy, go to the piers and take a boat ride around Manhattan. It's the ulitmate way to see the city!Oh and have NY Cheesecake – nothing beats it – and the best time! :)

  3. Hi Andy! I have an interior design blog and I recently posted some tips about NYC. I LOVE this city and I've been there twice since november…I'm sorry it's in portuguese (Im from Brazil) but i think you'll understand most of it, since you speak spanish ;)Have fun at your trip and i hope you like the blog:www.insidedecor.blogspot.com

  4. Andy, go to Lexington Candy Shop on Lexington Avenue at 83rd street for absolutely a-mazing burgers. It's a classic diner which has been open since 1925 (apparently some movies were shot there). Doesn't catch your eye when walking past it but well worth it once you're inside!Have a safe trip!

  5. omgosh, i'm off to the big apple on thursday night! i am so excited! and so excited for you! LOVE NEW YORK<333fashionlem0ns.blogspot.com-kimberly

  6. Hey! Welcome to NY! Definitely lots of things to so in a short period of time. Some must sees include a trip to MoMa and lunch in the Cafe on 2 or dinner in Modern (make a reservation tho if you want to go there!). You also should browse the Lower East Side and pop into The Dressing Room- a great vintage shop, complete with a bar and vintage t-shirt shop downstairs. While you are down there Brown is a great place for a quick bite. If you like burgers go to Maxie's Bar and Grille and get the coffee burger and check out Barbounia for brunch (or any meal!). Anyway, have an amazing time- hope to run into you. [email protected]_Ashley

  7. have fun at nyfw! I miss NYC so much, especially this time of year!Definitely check out pinkberry if you haven't been, and the whole foods on Bowery and Houston is awesome for picking up food on the go. I LOVE pommes frites on 2nd ave – they have great sauces for fries.Cafeteria is a great 24 hr spot and they have great truffle Mac & cheese. For going out, I love Avenue, 1oak, and griffin. greenhouse is also cool to see since it's leed certified (totally environmentally friendly). The soho grand has a nice atmosphere too, and pretty good food.

  8. Beacons closet in Brooklyn for some vintage shopping.Great restaraunt Tao! and Magnolia cupcakes!Maybe I'll see you somewhere on the streets of New York!www.chic-lux.com

  9. CIAO!I introduce myself, I'm Alice… =)this is for me the first time on yr blog!wow what a discovery!I think it's very original the idea for this post to put the image with your busy agenda for the NYFW..U're so cute!I'll follow you with pleasure!Kiss NY for me and for all the other girls who ENVY YOU!!Alice

  10. Uyyy esta difícil con tan poco tiempo yo he ido 5 veces y aun así siempre hay algo nuevo que visitar… que te puedo decir es Nueva York…Te recomiendo ir al Metropolitan museum que esta al lado de central park en el upper east side.. asi matas 2 pájaros de un tiro.. si te gusta john lennon debes de ir al dakota building y al monumento de imagine que estan al lado de central park en el upper west side… el MOMA tambien es un muy buen museo y lo ves mas rápido que el MET…La iglesia de St. Patricks en la 5ta avenida que tiene una sección o un altar con un cuadro de la virgen de Guadalupe.. esta interesante y probablemente vayas de shopping ahí a la 5ta, entonces esta cerca. El rockefeller center, si te gusta patinar en hielo… es un clásico! Times Square… Soho esta increíble y hay muchas tiendas vintage y restaurantes… para mi te puedes ahorrar la estatua de la libertad… Pero eso si subir el Empire es un must! y la zona cero evitala…. Disfruta y espero que te sirvan mis tips ;) Suerte!!http://ai-lob.cosmo.blogspot.com/

  11. You're such a lucky girl, Andy! Sometimes I wish my life my life would be more like yours. Have lots of fun in New York! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  12. Hi Andy! How exciting! if you want to have a very cute breakfast/brunch go to "le pain quotidien"! (good chocolate croisants and yogurt with fruits) they have some around town and i know there is one accross from Bryantpark. and for lunch/dinner SoHo O Park on corner of La Fayette street very cozy (gezellig) and live DJ on certain nights! and you need to go to uniqlo (if you don't know it, it's a japanese store with cheap jeans and cashmere basics etc!) hope its not info overload! sorry… enjoy cant wait to read your posts!xoFemiBreakfastatfaymes.blogspot.com

  13. wow, such a busy week. but i guess it will become an interesting week for all of us too if you will keep us updated. have fun! :)

  14. i live right outside nyc, about 12 miles away in new jersey, and i love going on the weekends with my friends! these are some of the more well known places we go:nightclubs: avenue, greenhouse, don hills, le pomme, soho grand, tribeca grandlate night bite to eat : cafeteria AMAZING mexican food : la esquinaamazing mexican food with cheap, delicious margaritas : blockheadsice cream/ dessert: the famous serendipity 3pizza: two boots; bleecker street pizzashops: anything on 5th, midtown h&m's (there's a few close to each other), cheap jacks vintage, lf, screaming mimi'shope this helps! have a sick time at fashion week!xxx

  15. As for the arts, you def NEED to squeeze in a trip to the Guggenheim, on 5th ave. and 89th st.It's like my fav museum in the world, and you always get to see some crazy exhibitions..especially if you are into design and contemporary art. Plus I'm pretty positive the entrance is "free" on Sat afternoons..Hope you'll get the chance to check it out! =]Enjoy….Ellie from NYC

  16. Andy,Some tips for your stay from a NYC girl:Freemans Restaurant at Freemans Alley on the LES is a great atmosphere. The Spotted Pig in the west village is quite similar to Freemans in atmosphere and still a frequented spot. They are both very casual.One thing you absolutely MUST do before you leave NY is go to Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel. It's a city institution that you can't miss if you haven't been already. Def go to Bergdorf's. If you are shopping downtown stop by La Esquina for some fast Mexican food. It's very popular. The Breslin is also very popular. Highlands off of Waverly has a nice bar too. The Rose Bar at the Gramercy Hotel is also pretty packed (reservations required after 9PM fyi). In my opinion there aren't many great places to eat around Lincoln Center. There's a Starbucks right next to Empire Hotel (literally a 1 minute walk from the tents) if you find yourself in need of coffee between shows.You'd like the Brooklyn Flea market (fun venue and good vintage finds sometimes). But I'm not sure if you have time to go squeeze a trip to BK.The fashion crowd goes to The Standard at nights usually, but I'm not sure if that will still be the case this season. I am sure you'll get so many tips but more ideas can't hurt. Have an amazing time! They say the weather is going to be sunny for like a week, so you lucked out!xx, Mari

  17. woow so much so see/ visit/ do :) very exciting in a great city!! You have to go shopping in Soho. Small shops are always the best. But also the huge Macys, Sephora…Baltahzar is a great hip restaurant in Soho. Sightseeing is a must as well :)have soo much fun and take a lot of pictures :)X, Anniefrom: anniewear.de

  18. sounds like a lot will be going on! You should definitely check out Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn (Vintage store). A lot of my blogger friends get all their great thrift finds from there!!

  19. Puedes descargarte la aplicación que acaba de lanzar LV que se llama Amble, ahí vienen recorridos que proponen Sarah Jessica Parker, Sophia Coppola y Christie Turlington. Tal vez te puedan ayudar como inspiración. Pásalo bien.

  20. i've never been to NY but as we speak i think you should visit MET steps on 5th avenue where gossip girl stars used to spend time ;) you can also use google maps to plan your trip around the city, it's a greaaat thing !have happy hapy time in the city of dreams xxxx

  21. Hi Andy!!wooowwww, NYFW!!!!!! this is amazing and exciting!!!have fun! I'm jealous!!!! ;)Take a lot of photos… we are waiting them!www.mysavageside.blogspot.com

  22. Dear Andrea,a Big HELLO from………. BRASIL!!I have never been in NY,so I can not tell you what to do there.BUT, I am so excited about your schedule! I can feel your joy and excitement in spite of I am so far from you!All I can do for my favoriteStreet Style's Blogger is…… Praying.I will pray to Mary, the Mother of Jesus,so everything will happen for youaccording to His will. You are in the hands and armsof God, Andrea!It will be JUST WOW in NY!!Stay in His Peace!!You and All Your Readers!!~~~

  23. You'd love 5th avenue! There's every single store you can imagine and great food but it's a bit crowded. You'd might also like SoHo not many high-end shops but lots of art, food, and vintage stores. Hope to see you in my home town :)

  24. Oh, how I wish I could go with you! I've only been to NY once, but that city has really crept under my skin.If you weren't there the last time, you should go to Magnolia Bakery. It's a clichée, but their cupcakes really are amazing. Though I would probably stay away on valentines day, I imagine they will be quite busy:-) And right across the street from Magnolia is a great Marc by Marc Jacobs store. Actually The Village is full of great shops. I could go on and on:-) Have a wonderful time!

  25. Everytime I read your blog I wonder what are you doing in your life despite "being the blogger" and spending money on clothes. Don't think I am rude, but from your it looks in that way :) Are you working? Studying? Anything despite having fun?

  26. The Highline park is really cool. Also obviously Central Park. Crumbs cupcakes are soo yummy! (and no lineup – compared to Magnolia!)

  27. Hi Andy! Luck you you're going to NYFW! It's gonna be so exciting for you all bloggers!Looking forward in seeing pictures on your blog! :)P.S: What program did you use to create this picture of your calendar? Thank you!

  28. Sounds fun. You are lucky, but wow all this travel right now I'm surprised you can still type haha. Well hopefully you bring back some great photos can't wait to see.

  29. The Spice Market is een supergoed Aziatisch restaurant in de hippe buurt Meatpacking District. Zeker de moeite! Wel op tijd reserveren wegens ongelooflijk populair :-)http://www.spicemarketnewyork.com/Enjoy!

  30. OH DIOS MIO!LUCA LUCA! Cuanto te envidioooooooooooooooooooooooooo; es uno de mis diseñadores favoritos. Me encanta :Dque ganas tengo de ver fotos del meeting ;)Mucha suerteee

  31. Max Brenner @ Union Square Park, great food and very laid-back place to have lunch at. And of course SoHo my favorite place in town! Good luck there and have lots of fun!

  32. I'm so jealous! Hope you have an amazing time.. New York is one of my favorite cities. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures :)xoxohttp://storyofstyle.blogspot.com/

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