I know I am so behind with my NYFW posts, I know guys, I know and I am sorry, but as you probably know, I am in London Fashion Week right now, or more like waiting at the airport for my flight back to Amsterdam.
Fashion Week season is CRAZY for me, I always spend it flying around to places and always end up with too many photos and too little time to post them, but this time will be different and although they are a little bit late (just a week), I still have a ton of things to show you from New York, I hope you like them!

Here are some snaps from the Diesel show during NYFW last week, how do you like it? I loved he venue, very urban and hip and I liked some of the pieces, although not all of it was my style, but that is with every collection I have seen.

Next stop, Amsterdam and then…



150 thoughts on “NYFW DIESEL SHOW

  1. The first outfit pic is awesome, the blouse (is it actually a blouse?) seems to have an interesting neckline, could you maybe show a close-up? I really like the light pink outfit and that black neckholder dress made from leather. need to take a closer look on this collection.

  2. You look great Andy, and your hair too! Awesome that you got to meet Emmanualle Alt too, she always looks so tall in photos, but you two are like the same height or your possibly even taller!Anyways the whole time looks so fun =)

  3. this is such a beautiful post andy! keep the NYFW pics coming!! you look so cool and collected in the middle of all the fashion week craziness, and that fur coat, wow. love the collection and venue of the show!thestyle-child.blogspot.com

  4. andy, you look awesome! love the skirt on you! and love the photo with you and Emmanuelle Alt. I actually met you briefly after the Burberry show on Monday. Only had a quick introduction before you were whisked off by a photographer to take a photo of you and Chiara! But it was still so lovely to meet you in real life. hopefully another chance might come in the future xxp.s i took a photo of you and Chiara together – nothing special in terms of my photography but you girls look gorgeous, if you want to check it out:www.thelittlesthings.com

  5. I understand Andy, things are hectic right know, but I still love whatever you're showing us.. These photos are great, and you looked lovely and I cannot wait for more :D

  6. This is my first comment ever on your blog and I want to say that I think it is amazing how far you've come Andy…seriously. I happened upon your blog about 1 1/2 years ago and here I am still checking it out weekly….BUT I get this elitist energy from your words now (that you didn't have before) and frankly it is not something I enjoy or like to have as an influence in my life. I like to be shown nice things, but when they are flaunted they (and you) become undesirable. I am sure you will continue to do new and amazing things in your life and maintain your nice wardrobe, I just hope you can keep some integrity and humbleness intact. Best of luck, Kristi

  7. i LOVE your puffy white coat, and it looks warm! and also, the boots are amazing.<3 steffywww.steffysprosandcons.blogspot.complease enter my giveawayhttp://steffysprosandcons.blogspot.com/2011/02/steffys-pros-and-cons-first-giveaway.html

  8. Hey Andy, loved the chic picture with you and Emmanuelle!!!www.fashionseduction.blogspot.comxx FridaP.S. have a look on my blog, I shot some pics of you at the Burberry Prorsum show in London!

  9. Love your outfit and the pictures!! your boots are incredible and the fur! congrats in everything that is happening right now for you :)xx Sofiawww.my-philosophie.com

  10. Jaja, no importa que sean de hace una semana, las fotos aún están lindas :DQué padre está todo eso de la fashion week!! Yo quisiera dedicarme a la fashion industry, o a la música, una de dos haha, saludos Andy!

  11. Jaja, no importa que sean de hace una semana, las fotos aún están lindas :DQué padre está todo eso de la fashion week!! Yo quisiera dedicarme a la fashion industry, o a la música, una de dos haha, saludos Andy!

  12. Hey Andy!! love your jacket/coat!! very stylish and warm!! Have a nice flight and take care…I am in bed after one week in Madrid for Cibeles…so I really admire you up and down all the time and always beautiful and stylish!! un beso gordo preciosa

  13. I love that leather skirt. I agree with you on not everything being your style. I think that's with most people, but still it must be amazing to be there and see it up close and personal.

  14. hi andy! i recently found your blog and really like it. You seem to be a very nice girl and i love how you dress. I think you are so lucky for travelling so much and be able to be present on this amazing fashion shows. hope you keep blogin' for many years!:)

  15. que fotos mas chulas y que suerte encontrarte con la nueva directora de Vogue. Me encanta tu abrigo de pelo, es precioso. Descansa si puedes, ya nos enseñarás mas fotos de NY.caprichos de ana

  16. hi! these days, you should see Madrid Cibeles Fashion Week on internet (L) I hope your answer.your blog's fantastic :)Kisses from Spainlazelstyle.blogspot.com

  17. great photos!! I also see some things that I like from the collection, but not all of them are my style.can't wait for more FW photos!!www.mysavageside.blogspot.com

  18. Diesel collection looks so fantastic! I'm in love with the pink lady.BTW your glasses are amazing, the same as your boots.Hope you had a GREAT time at NYFW, you're so lucky!xx

  19. Love your big fur jacket, and aweeesome you got to talk to NYLON!!! :DI loved the knitted leg warmers, the leather snake skin like skirt, love the bags, I have to see the whole collection, so I can't really say.But nice pictures! :D

  20. Try to post pictures sooner! I´ve allready seen this one on afterdrk, like a week ago. I have to admit that I am a little bit jealous of your busy schedule. My only fashionweek was Amsterdam where I attended like 8 shows. Don't keep us waiting to long with the pictures! Next stop is Milan i guess?xxxxx

  21. Check you out with Emmanuelle Alt! ;) Awesome pictures Andy, hope you're enjoying all those fashion weeks around the world even though you're so tired!Firdaus XXwww.beautyisthespot.blogspot.com

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