Ladies and Gentlemen, the eagle has landed!!!

I finally made it to Manhattan thanks to my friends at Fashiolista at around 9:00pm and after a very long flight.
I was expecting it to me cold, but never imagined I was about to walk into a giant freezer, which reminds me, I am completely unprepared for this weather when it comes to the outfits I chose for NY fashion Week, I just hope I don’t turn to ice in the next few days.

I woke up early this morning (thanks jet-lag!), sorted out a few commitments, but now I have to go off and get ready for the Luca Luca show later today.

I hope you enjoy the pics of my trip and MUCH MORE to follow!!!

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97 thoughts on “NY TRAVELING DIARIES

  1. you are sooo living the dream life! how can you even afford to travel that much + buying the most beautiful designer clothes?xx

  2. es realmente genial que puedas tener esta oporutnidad, y la verdad muchas felicidades porque realmente se nota que estas haciendo lo que te gusta.Saludos desde Sinaloa, MéxicoTu fiel lectora.Erika.P.D.Esperaré fotos de nyfw.

  3. que envidia guapísima!!!jejejeje me encanta la foto de la maleta vacía con un peluche!!! apuesto a que vuelve de NY super llenita!!besoshttp://elbauldeladyshira.blogspot.com/

  4. Woowww! New York… New York!!!!! I have never had jet-lag… as I haven't crossed the Atlantic ocean.. but it must be horrible! hehehe.Have fun in NYFW!www.mysavageside.blogspot.com

  5. Good evening Andy. New York, I'm a littlebit jealous, okey very jealous ! It's my big dream. But one thing wonder me, you take a red empty suitcase or it s empty after unpack ? Sorry for that question, but it really wonders me ! xoxo. Martine

  6. You are a candidate of the best "Denim outfit of the year 2010" in this page ==> hhttp://www.denimology.com/2011/02/denim_outfit_of_the_year_2010.php Promote it in your blog pls..!! We want to vote for you..!! :)

  7. I ENVY YOU!! Enjoy NY! Don't forget to walk over the brooklyn bridge to manhattan (great views) and to go to MOMA. I always eat at pastis and mercer kitchen (prefer to sit in the 'basement') and eat loads of magnolia muffins. Oh and the bar in the Standard and Cafe Gitane in mott street. Have fun.http://vingtdeuxbisous.blogspot.com

  8. The starbucks drinks enticed me for a refreshing cold drink, although since i have no access to one, i've settled on greeen tea(correction: steaming cup of green tea)Is that even a normal alternative?I worry. Anyway, i adore the photos, you work wonders, as all the last image; although it does craze me that i havent been to NYC, but, on the bright side, i am only thirteen…Hmmm…X Neda X Awaiting eagerly further updates:)http://stylemontage-neda.blogspot.com/

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