147 thoughts on “NEW YORK AT NIGHTS

  1. Looks like you're having an awesome time already! I visited New York in December last year and my hotel was right next to times square. Looking at these photos is really making me sad. I wish I was there right now!!!

  2. Welcome to NYC, Andy! I wish I had the opportunity to meet you!This is my city and I hope you have an amazing visit and have the best of times at all of the shows and events!Best,ElizabethErzsébet

  3. Weet niet of je het al weet, maar je staat op e blog van material girl (van madonna en haar dochter)http://blog.materialgirlcollection.com/?p=1781#comments

  4. the picture of you in front of the empire state building is beautiful! i live in NY, how amazing would it be if I saw you in person <3thestyle-child.blogspot.com

  5. que fotos más preciosas!! Eres muy afortunada por poder viajar tanto.Pasátelo genial y disfruta!!xxxLunahttp://pinkrockandfashion.blogspot.com/

  6. OMG ! I love that city, even thoguh i've never been there :) I'm going to NY next month for the fisrt time in my whole life and i'm looking forward to itt !You look gorgeous !♥

  7. Hola,que chulas las fotos, me gustan mucho. Pasatelo fenomenal en NY.Por cierto veo que a veces dices de donde es las prendas y otras no, me gusta tu blazer azul con botones dorados pero no pones de donde es, YSL?Besos desde Madridcaprichosdeana.blogspot.com

  8. So amazing! And i say buenos aires center is big… so dumb. How lovely, hope you can show the pics quickly, i can't wait! xoxo Andy, hope you're having an amazing time :)P.

  9. No inventes Andy!! Están padrísimas tus fotos! De las mejores fotos que he visto de NY (y creeme que he visto muchas).Me emociona que ya estés allá jeje. XoxO ♥

  10. Sometimes I need to just stop and open my eyes. I live in the most amazing city and see things everyday that people travel 1000's of miles to see once before they die. Life can be so distracting…gosh I love New York!

  11. exciting! enjoy your time in nyc! that city is one of the main reasons i love living in the US! have a great weekend!<3 meganhttp://www.suitcaseandstilettos.com

  12. Hey Andy! Awesome pics!! I know it's been SOOOO brutally cold here the last few days and I cannot help but think of all the bloggers here for NYFW, but it's supposed to warm up over the weekend (and hopefully for next week)!

  13. great pics..new york must be a beautiful place..so sad i have never been there..I am looking forward to see more pics here;)http://linasgladrags.blogspot.com/

  14. Chica you must be freezing there! But isn´t worth freezing your lil´hiney off for that incredible city? I can´t wait to see more pictures, I am living vicariously through your trip right now. Kisses from Madrid,Lizette

  15. Oh I soo love your diary photos! Have a feel that I was travelling too))So many lights, so colorful!Hope you have the best time.xxTali

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