I already know the reaction that 50% of you will have as soon as you see these boots and it will be something like this: Oh my God Andy, why did you get those boots!? They are so ugly!… :P

Well, it all started last summer when I visited Scandinavia for the first time (yeah! a lot of girls in Scandinavia wear Doc Martens, oh and in England, and so on), but it always amazed me how they make these masculine boots look so stylish, so I took this as a Styling challenge!

I have been wanting a pair for a while, but I was always hesitating and was afraid that they might have looked too masculine on me. 
I was in NYC last week and while walking around SoHo, I bumped into the Doc Martens shop, that was the moment where I saw the Avery velvet boots, too perfect for words! Yeah, they are still Doc Martens, but there was something about the velvet, that immediately justified me wearing them.

Unfortunately they didn’t have my size, so I browse the internet for hours but still couldn’t find them, lucky for me, as soon as I landed in London this morning, I rushed to the Doc Martens shop in Covent Garden and I found them!

I am very curious to see how I will adapt these to my wardrobe, lets just wait and see!

P.S- Have you seen my NY FW diaries on Fashiolista yet?

P.S 2- Thousands of Outfit pics from my trip to NYC are still coming, bare with me! :D

P.S 3- Did I mention I am in London!?!?!


124 thoughts on “NEW IN “VELVET DOC MARTENS”

  1. I adore your blog because I never know what I am getting into when I open a new post. You do a great mix of great shoes, terrible shoes, with a dash of personal life. Keep up the great blogging and shoe designing! Good luck with your new project–I hope everything works out for you! Happy 2011 :).

  2. They're really cool! I love them! Good purchase! I'm sure you will fit it with elegance and style!Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!THank you so much!

  3. These are fantastic!! I have a pair of Docs and they feel really clunky sometimes…but these velvet ones are perfect, not too chunky at all!

  4. i love doc martens :) got myself some in london last year but mine are with black leather! yours are so cute :) can't wait to see how you style them!!love Lea

  5. I can not wait to see how this turns out. I find Doc Martens kind of chunky, but it's a good challenge for you I'm sure. Seriously can't wait for this outfit post.

  6. I really like these boots. I have had similiar ones for 8 years now and although I don't wear them as regularly as I used to they are still one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own! I'm looking forward to see how you're going to combine them.

  7. A mi me encantan, de hecho tb tngo ese problema para comprarme las botas,el tema de que son demasiado masculinas,pero creo q voy a cmprarme las de color granate, nose.. cada día me gustan mas! Y todo depende de como lo combines. Aqui en Londres cada dia veo miles de chicas con ellas y me encantan, nunca habia visto las de terciopelo pero son lo +++++!!! xx

  8. I love love love Docs.I've got 4 pairs now!!!Including a pair of the special edition 50th anniversary for Sanrio and Doc Martens Hello Kitty Docs.And a pair of Vintage 1970's eggplant pair.I would never survive Winter without them!!Or Spring.He-He-HeI wear them with just about everything.I wear them with skinny jeans rolled up with a lacy top.A pair of leggings shorts and DIY Tee.Even a frilly girly girl dress and tights!!!What I'm getting at is have fun with them!!They'll last you a lifetime.Just make sure you wear band aids on your heels!!xxJordanMayTwigs.<

  9. No Andy !!!!!!! These shoes are great ! I'm also thinking of buying some docs, it just took me lately idk.. Im sure you'll rock them gurl <3 xxx

  10. well i think that when woman wears masculine clothes it's because she feels so femine and sexy, that she doesn't have to show her boobs or so on, i used to wear martens but now i prefere less heavy shoes, but still in masculine style;) so i cant wait to see you in these lovely pair!na

  11. let see how you combine them!!!! of course you are going to hit them!can't wait for more photos!! and for London pics!!!! you are sooooo lucky!

  12. A mi me gustan :) y no creo que la mitad de los comentarios vayan a ser negativos sobre ellos.Además estoy segura de que sabrás perfectamente cómo combinarlos a la perfección ;)NOs vemos!

  13. They are amazing.I was thinkig about getting them for winter but then i bought my ugg's.i think i'll get them next year in pink or something xD!

  14. they are also in love with doc martens..and im sure u will def. be able to adapt them really good to ur us pics when u r wearing them soon;)x lina

  15. I really like Doc Martens.. they may be a challenge indeed, but I just adore that. I can't wait to see outfits with them;) And I am waiting for photos..both NYC and London :d

  16. Yes,they are a little maschuline,but I think that`s exactly what makes them even cuter.I believe you will find the right outfit for them.They deserve it.x,Julia

  17. THEY ARE NOT UGLY AT ALL!!!!!!!I love Dr. Martens, and I have one pair myself. They are awesome! Can't wait to see you style them…

  18. Wow, I love them! I've got some grey suède lace up boots that I've been wearing all winter. they perfectly unite masculinity and feminity… They just give that certain edge to an outfit… Enjoy them! =)

  19. Not my style but I think you would were them in a great way… looking forward to the pics ;-)www.fashionseduction.blogspot.comxx Frida

  20. I'm really jealous of the shoes! I literally gasped when I saw the shoes! cutecute.btw Andy, I've noticed you used the words "bare with me" quite often in your posts. The correct way is "bear with me". Sorry if this sounds terribly rude, but I'm a grammar nut and just wanted to let you know.

  21. They're cool! Hope you will figure out the sizing.. hope they fit perfectly evetually.Can't wait to see how you do your little "styling challenge"))xxTali

  22. I absolutely love DM's but I agree, I sometimes feel they are just too masculine but these are just amazing!I love them too much, right, that's it, these are most definitely the most important thing to get this year!!xo

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