185 thoughts on “NEW IN “LEOPARD”

  1. son muy lindos! pero no es piel verdad? bueno es que espero que sean sintéticos por que si bien amo un buen par de zapatos pero siempre y cuendo no se tenga que sacrificar a algo inocente animalito!

  2. Amazing! I love them them and i bet they look great on you. So lucky they're comfy that's a great plus, Andy. And I agree with Wida: i also want 'em and you're so lucky!!! xoxoP.

  3. The shoes are divine! I've discovered a new found love of animal print that died off after the Alaia '91-'92 season. Please don't do the math.Anyway, I just wrote a post about some of my favorite animal print items.Feel free to check it out…www.ilove4b.blogspot.comBest,Mimi

  4. Wowee! Gorgeous gorgeous shoes. I love the shape of these, it'a very rare that i see a chic platform/hugely high/leopard print heel (in fact, i don't think i ever had before this!) Look forward to seeing them on! :)http://fashionregardless2.blogspot.com/

  5. Those are soooo pretty I love them. In the mean time comfort should be the plus to going luxe for sure. If you pay that much for shoes they should be incredibly cushioned.

  6. leopard heels for me are a must!! you can go totally black or white… and the leopard heels change the look! perfect!!!www.mysavageside.blogspot.com

  7. OMG My jaw is literally on the floor! These are soo hott!!! And yes, YSL's are super comfy for the height. I want these shoes now!

  8. Wow, made me want to give them a pat :) Remember to brush your new babies well after each use, and feed them some meat to keep them happy ;);)

  9. They do look great! Even though I always ask myself how shoes that high can be comfy, but I guess it depends on the material used etc :)

  10. OMGsh I honesstyl think you have the hottest YSL Collection ever ;) I love all of your "new" babies, tough I liked the last ones evenb better!! You're so lucky senorita but if theres someone who deserves presents like that than its you;)♥♥Style-Roulettexoxo,Luísa

  11. They are gorgeous. I'm a bit tired of YSL pumps because they are everywhere, every friend of mine as at least one pair :) But I can't deny they are gorgous and I like a lot this leopard version of them. xx, Rhttp://bikinipequeninoasbolinhasamarelas.blogspot.com

  12. Hey, I just got them for my love a few days ago, you can see them here:)http://www.52fashionweeks.com/2011/02/ghis-new-ysl-tribtoo-leopard-pony-skin.htmlI'm sure you'll look great.Show us :)

  13. I love them! Which reminds me, I've been wondering how that leopard blue print dress you bought from ASOS a while back turned out. You should post pictures :)

  14. They really are a dream and you'd look gorgeous on them!I'm in luv with those pumps too! <3 :)http://pinspiring.blogspot.com

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