Here are some new purchases during my stay in London:

1. Trench coat with leather sleeves  (I am pretty much obsessed with it right now)
2.The most awesome pair of Burgundy shoes (so not me, but I thought it was worth it to try with different styles)
3. An awesome gold belt to replace my Moschino belt in some outfits :P
4. A shoulder-less mint green sweatshirt
5. A skirt I have been looking for since last September and I finally found in the last-chance-to-buy rack! :D
6. A gorgeous gold cuff.


99 thoughts on “NEW IN FROM LONDON

  1. Is that trench burberry?? I saw Emma Watson wearing it at some point and thought it was divine!!

  2. wooow! gorgeous! I love all your new purchases, but the most this coat, where you buy it? which shop?greetings from

  3. Love that trench! love love love it!New post in my blog too

  4. such cool purchases- i love the pleated ksirt and seeing it photographed in new york and on philip greens daughter at fashion week! love the gold cuff and i have been eyeing up the trench coat- gorgeous- cant wait to see you in it1Katie.xfashion clocked

  5. De donde es el trench? Se parece mucho al de burberry's que llevaba emma watson. Estoy buscando deseperadamente algo parecido para los días de primavera.Besitos, me encanta tu blog!

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