Here are the pics I took at the LUCA LUCA show last week, is was my first show during New York fashion week, which makes it extra special!

I was actually very pleasantly surprised, there were many items that caught my eye, it was very romantic, classic and you could see bright pops of color here and there.

Please look at the full collection on and fall in love with it too.


65 thoughts on “LUCA LUCA SHOW

  1. So you know I always wonder who takes the head on shots? The brands photographer or getty or something? I know only a few special people must sit their though. Ahh well looks like you had a fairly nice view.

  2. beautiful luca luca collection! at least you got to see it in person must have been extremely amazing!check out my blog

  3. Wow, great photos Andy!You're so lucky you got to go.I love the burnt oranges and the warm autumn colours :)x Stace

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