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First picture by Deborah

Finally, here are the pictures I shot at the BURBERRY PRORSUM show last Monday, aren’t they just lovely?
As you know, I am a HUGE Christopher Bailey fan, not to mention a Burberry worshipper, so being invited to the show for the second time was a big, or more like HUGE highlight for me.

To be completely honest, I liked last seasons collection more, just because of the “Rock n’ Roll” vibe it had, but this collection had few pieces I could definitely see myself wearing (If only I could afford them ;).
I don’t know how many of you watched the LiveStream, but the Burberry show has an amazing vibe to it, at least I feel it while I am there. I was surrounded by a massive amount of photographers, celebrities, big shot editors and it all becomes more like a big hollywood premier than a fashion show, then I entered the tend and all of the sudden it hits me, I am at the burberry show again and I am about to watch it live for the second time, its just so amazing, I cant even explain how happy it makes me feel… 

There was few pieces I wasn’t very fond of, like the plaid coats, but there were also few bright colored trench coats which I fell in love with.

What did you think? Did you like it?


103 thoughts on “BURBERRY PRORSUM

  1. I agree, the bright colored trenches are very cool:] and i love love love what you are wearing. so creative and chic..as usual!! really good look on you <333-Holly

  2. See I liked this collection for the most part. I thought it was more Burberry. Last years collection threw me off and I got so sick of seeing studs and leather all over the place. Not that the pieces weren't good it just didn't seem like Burberry to me.

  3. I am VERY jealous you were in the same room as some great names in fashion! I watched the live stream myself and loved the coloured coats too :)Your outfit was fab btw, very chic! xoxo

  4. wow Andy, you put the photo from us on your blog! thanks, how lucky I am now! hope we see us again soon!xx Debi from Debijoy'shttp://debijoy.blogspot.com

  5. It's amazing that you got to be there for the second time! The photos are incredible. I absolutely loved the show (on livestream ;) ) Awesome post, Andy!

  6. Love the outfit, very Burberry (except for the shoes, but still love them !), and you were in front row, lucky you !xxxhttp://leslooksdecoralie.blogspot.com/

  7. wow absolutely stunning photos of the show, and what an amazing opportunity. The clothes are so insanely well cut and made…would definitely last a lifetime…The plaids were definitely not my cup of tea but I adored some of the coats and the styling.Katie.xxfashion clocked

  8. I saw it on YouTube. The music was wonderful and clothes…fantastic collection. And snow in the end..PS> You looked very cute in that bow!

  9. You captured some great moments – I agree about the collection being a little more youthful and fun last season…but there are some investment pieces worth having in this one! Thanks for sharing these pics!!xoxo Emilyhttp://bellishment.blogspot.com/

  10. Yes indeed, last season's collection was more bright, much more attractive, but I guess Cristopher wanted to make something different this time. I loved the colored coats as well.. I am a fan of color. Great photos Andy! :D Your YSL are gorgeous!

  11. I LOVED the trench with the fur on it, what a great new interpretation of a classic! Christopher Bailey is a genius!rosemodern.blogspot.com

  12. you are very lucky!I see it! and some of the coats were fantastic! you have shooted some of them! I really like them!www.mysavageside.blogspot.com

  13. I love your style: I's so simple and different from anybody elese!So elegant!Meghttp://megarasfashionsketchbook.blogspot.com/

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