107 thoughts on “BAS KOSTERS SHOW

  1. That looks like a super fun show. I really liked some of the more wearable pieces at the end. The one blue dotted shirt was awesome, the asymmetrical dotted blue dress was really futuristic, and I would wear the tan dotted dress like crazy. I hope your travels are safe, and quick! My Heart Blogged

  2. beautiful pictures! loving your blouse. i read your post on facebook, busy next three weeks :) but have fun in germany, milan and ny! Are you still in amsterdam this weekend? x

  3. Love this post, it seems like you guys had so much fun! Makes me happy, seeing all those smiling faces.Would die to go to a FW once.x Je suis Sophiehttp://jesuissophiecareforme.blogspot.com/

  4. It looks you really had a lot of fun with the other bloggers! Happy girls!And wow! Germany, Milan and NY! Busy weeks ahead for you! But it will really amazing I think! I can't wait to see your pictures and read your reports! Andy you're the best! :)

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