I think this is one of my favorite set of photos from my trip to NY Fashion Week. 
I took a breather on Valentines day and went to wander around the city, or to be more precise, the downtown part of the city, which is one of my favorite parts of the Island.

You can get a very touristy vibe from today’s pictures and the truth is, they are indeed tourist pics (But I think that the 100 pics posing with the Brooklyn bridge just gave it away? :P) It was just me discovering Manhattan, Oh how I miss it!

I hope you like them!


White jacket: Vintage (bought in SoHo)
Red tee: Zara
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff


Here is the second round of Pics I shot for WGACA NY last week and yes, it was a little cold but we didn’t last too long outside.

The green top is a part of their new “vintage inspired” collection, they also had a cream version of it but I decided to go for the green a give the outfit a pop of color.

What are you up to today? I just spent the last 10 hours in bed sleeping, you have no idea how much I needed this rest…Fashion Week isn’t over for me, so I will take any rest I can until then.


Green blouse: WGACA NY
Leather skirt: Vintage
Boots: Shampalove


Big thanks to my friends from Stockholm StreetStyle for providing me with what seems to be the only picture I have from that day, so now thanks to them, I can show you what I wore to the ACNE show last Sunday :) (P.S- Yes, you’ve guessed it, I made the velvet maxi skirt)

I really loved few of the pieces from the ACNE collection, specially the super flare trousers which I am sure I will be wearing and quite possibly mass producing next season, it will be like my Maxi skirt obsession, Oh I see it coming already.

I apologize for the super blurry pictures I took, I was testing a new camera (no, it wasn’t my 7D), but I didn’t seem to get the settings right and all the pics came out blurry, so I had to borrow the frontal pics from Style.com to show you the non blurry version ;).

How did you like the show?