LuisaViaRoma definitely knows how to throw a party!

Too many bloggers and too little time to tell you how much fun we had, so I will let the images speak for themselves…enjoy!

In the pics: Carolina, Caroline, Betty, Mathieu, Wendy, Sabrina, Chiara, Mattias, Filippo, Yara, Michele, Valentina and Gianluca.


P.S- I want to dedicate my post today to my beautiful sister because today is her 25th Birthday…I love you baby and I am right there with you even if you are an ocean away! ♥

Pics: Michele Michelsanti, Valentina, Filippo, Gianluca and me.

121 thoughts on “THE PARTY

  1. It does look fun. Whenever I see you in photos with other people I realize how tell you actually are…no wonder your legs are so lean. Jealous. I'm stubby with short legs long torso though though it would be nice to have it the other way.

  2. You look beautiful in all the pictures :).I've been following Betty for years, you and her are my two and only favourites bloggers.Keep on making us dreaming, Andy !xx

  3. The Photo are Amazing, really funny and love the ones with Chiara!!You have fun, all the parties look like Fantastic!!And happy birthday to your siister!XOXO

  4. lovely pictures Andy! I love your striped blazer in the pics. I wish I had one like that. Seems like you had soo much fun.X, Annie

  5. Oh it looks like you guys had the best time ever! I've never been to Firenze….but maybe next holiday season?! don't know yet but it seemed very inspiring to me!you are so fashionable and adorable-I really love your blog!!! check out my cute little new blog if you'd like to! I would really appreciate it! Thanks-your great! Keep on doing this way and it's perfect :)

  6. LOVE your skirt. Amazing photos , would love to be part of something like this :) You look stunning as always ! Betty's bow headband is radical. i love !

  7. It was really a pleausere to finally meet you! And I'm so happy that our pics with Chiara is here on your blog: it means a lot for me!You're so beautiful and sweet and your smile is contagious! I hope there will be other opportunities to meet each other again!Stylosophique

  8. Wow, you guys are your own Paparazzi XD. Cool fotos. It seems like you had lots of fun ^^Happy Bday for your Sister xoxox

  9. what a party! I wouldn't mind to be in the next one with my favourites bloggers =)

  10. amazing photos and so much fun, loved your striped blazer and all the maxi skirts you wear lately, absolute perfection

  11. awesome photo overdose in this post- really great atmosphere and fun captured in all the shots- looks like so many laughs were shared. Great outfit and shot of you Andy and love the shot 4th from the bottom of you with carolina and chiara- wow carolina looks insanely beautiful in that- wish we saw more of you!Katie.xfashion clocked

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