Here are a bunch of fun pics from 2 days ago with my blogger friends ( Carolina, Alix, Denni, Emilie and Louise) and the fashiolista crew. We had such an amazing day between fashion week shows, visiting showrooms, interviews and doing some vintage shopping, the only down side was the freezing cold outside.

Fashion week is almost over and I still have tons of pics I have to go through, I just hope I find time to do it.

At the end of next week I am traveling to Germany for the German Fashion awards and straight from there, I am flying to Milan for an event during the weekend, times are hectic and they are about to get even busier.

What have you been up to this weekend?


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  1. New York isn't far off that should be a good one. You guys really are like the Blogger Mob haha seriously though love the pics.

  2. All the pretty bloggers! Love!I'm so excited for you that you get to be a part of all those amazing fashion events! What a life! Thanks for sharing photos =)

  3. you girls are amazing in every way! fashion, obviously! hair and makeup outstanding as well. Would love to use your group shot as an example of the right hair color for the right girl sort of thing for my blog on hair color. hope you don't mind!www.sarahconnertsylist.tumblr.comon colour ground

  4. reading this post I was like – um, there are so many bloggers out there, but I just love Andy!so, thanks for being and blogging <3

  5. Hola Andy! Yo estos días estuve en Amsterdam de viaje con unos amigos y la verdad que me encantó, eso si, hacia mucho frio!! Yo no sé ocmo no pasas tu frio, porque yo iba como una cebolla de abrigada xD!Me encantaron las bicicletas y los canales :) un saludo!

  6. OMG you're traveling back and forth I so envy you!! But these are amazing oportunities. Lovely! :D The photos are so great, it's nice to see all of you together. :D

  7. The photos are adorable!I wish that I was there too!And I think it's great to see that all the international fashionbloggers, like the cherry blossom girl and pandora, come to our fashion week!X

  8. Lots of elegant ladys!! It seems to be very very funny! You are always so busy! Why don´t you tell us how your day to day works? It´ll be fun, like a tutorial.:DkissesKathwww.enjoyourselfwithstyle.wordpress.com

  9. Beautiful Photos !!!WWW.RENEBRAUN.COM You are welcome to visit my blog too! I'm participating in competition and could win a flight to Rome! Please leave a comment and help me win! Thanks!!!

  10. Amo el estilo de todas, tienen muy buen gusto ! Sobretodo, la dueña de Style Scrapbook y la de Fashion Squad, estos blogs son los que más sigo y disfruto con cada looks que mostrais al dia (y también las fotos jaja).Muy buen blog.Saludos.

  11. Wow! Looks like you've been having a lot of fun. I've got to say, that red blazer was a brilliant idea, you really stand out and the red is so beautifully rich!This weekend, I have been avoiding a mountain of work of various descropitions. Hmm…:)http://fashionregardless2.blogspot.com/

  12. Ah I'm actually so jealous of you right now….but not in a really devious way! Ye all look so amazing walking around and ye are all at fashion week!! That is actually amazing!!! :O hopefully I'll be following in your footsteps someday!xxxxxhttp://breadandbutterdesigns.blogspot.com/

  13. Love the pics! OMG you're so lucky you are aloud to atent all these amazing things! Hope I become like you one day. I watched fashuonshow livestreams, went out for dinner with my mum and dad and had to work :)♥

  14. Don't want to be mean, but that girl from Chic muse is like the worst blogger ever, never posing with a smile..On the contrary I like your attitude very much!! :)

  15. I adore the individuality that each girl persues; it brings great perspective to fashion,a change, and i'm so eandered that fashion blogggers are doing this. Great Outfits & pictures! X Neda Xhttp://stylemontage-neda.blogspot.com/

  16. Oh my it's fun to see photos like this..bonding time with your friends. Hope you can have time to post more pics. I'm just busy lately hunting for beauty closet to organize my things..also a little bit sad for the lost of our family pet.www.audrinajulia.blogspot.com

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