I always post pics of Amsterdam during the day so I thought that for the first time, I should post some of Amsterdam during the night.

I know this awesome little bar which serves some of the best cocktails in town and thought that a night out was a perfect excuse to go out and about taking low light pics with my new camera (which I am completely in love with as you know).

Amsterdam Fashion week has started, the girls are here and I have tons of pics to show you (but I have to go though the hundreds first), once I have sorted them out and I get a tiny spare time, I will post them!

These are busy, VERY BUSY times for me right now so bare with me please!


152 thoughts on “NIGHT OUT

  1. Echt mooie foto's en zien er lekkere cocktails uit! Moet ik zeker eens naartoe gaan als ik deze zomer naar Amsterdam kom :)x

  2. Wow. Looks like a great bar, seems very laid back/low key by the looks of it. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of Amsterdam fw, bearing with! :)

  3. WOW that camera is the BOMB! amazing quality for night time pictures! love the bokeh in them, specially your photo with the bridge as background!

  4. Awesome photos. Ha your a blackberry user? I wouldn't have guessed anyway your nights out look way better than mine. Ahh then again no car in LA is no fun.

  5. Such pretty pics and the cocktails look delicious! Where in Amsterdam is this bar?? I think I have to visit it one time! Since I live close to Amstedam :)♥

  6. I've never been to Amsterdam, but I'm going for the first time in April! The pictures you take make it look absolutely beautiful; hope for having a lovely time and you're enjoying every minute of your time. xoxo

  7. Cant wait to see the fashion week pics! Ive never been to Amsterdam adn Im dying to go. Im not even that far away (ireland)So it should have already happened. Maybe this year…I love the images and your header is fantastic!

  8. Seems like a fun night out! Those cocktails look delicious and i'm pretty sure they tasted delicious too!Have fun with fashion week! Can't wait to see the pictures!Xx Jorienshe–

  9. Beautiful pics. Which bar is this? I'm going to Amsterdam in a couple of days and I'd love to have a drink there. Thanks in advance for the info. Have fun with all the bloggers!!

  10. Great night shots!! :) Love the twinkling lights and those cocktails look yummy :)Kc

  11. Me encantan las fotos, estás guapíssima y Los candles sé ven impresionantes :) la seaman que viene voy a Amsterdam y me muero de ganas, alguna recomendación? Un beso!

  12. I love your new camera too Andy! It looks like you really know how to work with it already! And the cocktails look delicious too, can't wait for your FW pictures.

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