Let me introduce you to the newest addition to my shoe collection…These are my new pair of Balenciaga booties, I can only say that I am in love!

Have a nice Sunday!


134 thoughts on “NEW IN “BALENCIAGA BOOTS”

  1. I get so upset when I see designer shoes. I am a UK size 9! That is huge! I wont be able to squeeze my boat feet into a pair!Georgiexx

  2. Sleek and so Minimal; thrives sheer perfection…Beautiful Boots, what can i say; Balenciaga never fails to impress. X Neda X

  3. Amazing shoes!!!WWW.RENEBRAUN.COM You are welcome to visit my blog too! I'm participating in competition and could win a flight to Rome! Please leave a comment and help me win! Thanks!!!

  4. You're so lucky!! and I just love your shoes collection. Loved all of your posts on trip sponsord by Fashionlista. I just don't comment most of the times thinking my comment would get lost in a heap of hundreds of comments… :) But I am the regular reader of your blog and love you. All the very best.

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