Why are things made in Brazil always so pretty?!

I am absolutely in love with the watercolor summer dress I received from Lucidez all the way from Brazil, its from their Summer collection, unfortunately I am stuck in the middle of winter, so I will have to wait a bit to wear it…Patience Andy, patience!

You can check them out on their website HERE or their TWITTER.

Thank you so much Lucidez, I love the dress!


169 thoughts on “MADE IN BRAZIL

  1. Hello, it´s my first time here, and I really amazed with your blog!!! It´s fantastic read what you sad about the Brazilian fashion. I´m brazilian and I´m very proud!!!!Kisses

  2. Hi Andy!!!This dress is really amazing!!!I'm from Brazil and I didn't know this brand…so thank you for introducing it to me…XDOne day you should come to Brazil to see the Sao Paulo Fashion Week…you would loooooooooooooove it!!!XOXO

  3. The dress is really adorable! I bought a pair of ballerinas the other day and really can't wait thill it's summer and I can wear them! :)Rumyana

  4. BRASILLLLLLLLLLLLLL (: ebaaaaaaaaa, lindo lindo, você tem que vir para aqui, p-ara o BRASIL (: hahahah, beijoMaria

  5. I don't like this dress, but I borned and live in Brazil and you would be crazy if you see all the wonderful clothes made here. The brazil fashion show(like in Rio and São Paulo) are wonderful! kisses

  6. Hola Andy, que casualidad!Hoy mi cunhada que tiene una marca monisima de ropas en Brasil, en Rio, me pedió para darle el nombre de dos blogueras de moda aquí de Europa para regalar unas de las preciosidades de su coleción.Es claro que Style Scrapbook fue uno de los primeros.Me gustaría saber si te interesa y cual la mejor manera para hacerte llegar el regalito.Bso GrandeFlaviana [email protected]

  7. hello, im from brazil, and is very nice that you like brazilian clothes… I think that people should know that here we dont have just nice bikinis, but a lot of exelent brands that have great clothing and other stuffs…xoxo

  8. Andy!Adoro seu blog! Sou brasileira e fico feliz de nos elogiar,o vestido é lindo mesmo, estamos esperando um post com ele!E faço um convite para você vir para nossas semanas de moda, são realmente maravilhosas. ^^

  9. andyyyy, I simply loved the dress and can say you're truly welcome here in brazil! You have a pretty original style quite hard to find in bloggers and I wish you all the best.

  10. This dress is BEAUTIFUL! Love that!I'm brazillian, everyday i reed your blog, and i'm very happy to see a little from my country here!XOXO!Visit my blog, is about brazilian fashion! ;)

  11. Lovely! Think it will look great on you. I'd layer it with black tights, a bodycon skirt underneath, a leather jacket in black and your gorgeous thick-heeled ankle boots!

  12. Yes, Andy, I totally agree with you! Skillful work of the masters of Brazil fascinating! I've always wondered this subtle, elegant Brazilian work! They try so hard!

  13. Oh my gosh this dress is gorgeous! I want it so bad! <3Shame I can't understand Portuguese or have the money for it!Rhii xx

  14. Hi Andy, here in Brazil everything is beautiful, you should come here one day to meet ……This is an invitation!Kisses

  15. Andrea,a HUGE hello from………. BRASIL!!I am at my sister's house,whose name is… ANDREA! (Like yours!)Her computer is much slow than mine, so I will write a bit less than I am use to.You said about good and beautifulthings that come from my countryand I am totally in agree with you(you guess why!).I think your amazing bodywill be just WOW in this brazilian dress!So let's wait for the Summer!!(Or Spring, why not?)Stay in the Peace of God!!You and All Your Readers and Fans!!~~~

  16. El estampado es increíble! La paleta de colores es muy original, ya quiero ver con que lo combinas!Que tengas un bonito finde Andy! xx

  17. If you like things from Brazil, you should now about FARM, is a beautiful brand from here, and it's very different as well. I love the brand and a pretty good part of my wardrobe is from there, or zara….Love your blog (:

  18. Andy , no sabes las cosas increibles que encuentras en brazil, todo obviamente para el verano, yo quede enamorada de todo: su ropa, zapatos y su gente… La lycra es muy buena, unos estampados bellos.. Muchos besosss!

  19. I've been eyeing on the watercolor clothing alot lately…Especially when they 'paint' a sky, the gallaxy… so beautiful x~

  20. i love these beautiful colors together and the way just swirl all around this dress. it kind of reminds me of cotton candy. Its gorgeous!

  21. Love the print of the dress. Funny I thought about how to get/make money to watch the World Cup in Brasil by 2014 and you posted about getting/receiving this item all the way from Brasil.Signs! love,

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