I wish I had something else to tell you, but today, all I can think, talk and dream about is my trip to NYC for Fashion Week, it is pretty much occupying my whole brain and will do so until I land at JFK airport in 3 weeks, maybe not even then.

This was pretty much a random outfit, I just took literally the first thing I saw in my closet and ran out the door to shoot the first pics with my CANON EOS 7D, I am so in love with my new camera, I could marry it :P.
This pair of old bleached LEVIS were hiding in my closet for 2 years already, I don’t think I have ever worn them (correct me if I am wrong), so I decided to take them out to play…

Expect loads of pics next week, cause few of my blogger friends are flying to Amsterdam for FW and we are going to turn the city upside down! :D


167 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “NEON”

  1. I had pants like that.But something really weird happend to them during laundry. I had to cut them off, and now they're hotpants! Btw, love your look, this makes me want to have those pants back!x Ysmnx3

  2. I really love the outfit! Most of all because of the colors… blue and gold is my favorite combination ♥Rumyanahttp://miasmasquerade.blogspot.com/

  3. Hey, thank you for replying to my comment, i had definitely assumed you were too busy to do that. It means a lot to me that you did….Great top! I think that because of Christopher Kane's amazing collection, we'll be seeing a lot more credit being given to fluorescence. Fantastic outfit, as always. :)http://fashionregardless2.blogspot.com/

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  5. LOVELY!! :DOh I'm also dreaming of going to STOCKHOLM FASHION WEEK hehe ;PYour look was great! That coat look like one I saw in a store in Stockholm

  6. You look amazing Andy! The camera works works magic! I love your jacket. It's shape, the color, the buttons, everything is beautiful about it! I wish I was going to NYFW next month, but maybe the season after that. Hope you have an amazing time and I cannot wait to see your adventures during Amsterdam Fashion Week! xoxo,colormenaan.blogspot.com

  7. genial para ser lo primero que sacaste! jejeje.el abrigo es hermoso, mi favorito de esta tenida.Felicitaciones, es una muy buena cámara esa, además es Canon así que mejor aún!Abrazos :)

  8. Wow I'm jealous, first you're going to my dream destination, and now you have my dream camera ! The EOS 7D seams really great… My 550D is called the "little brother of the 7D"… haha… still jealous ^^xxxhttp://leslooksdecoralie.blogspot.com/

  9. your new camera is amazing. I love the pictures and the look, even though its a crazy mix with neon, bleached jeans and the leopard bracelet. I am so happy for you to go to NY Fashion Week and am excited for the new of the Amsterdam one.X, Anniewww.anniewear.de

  10. I used to live in NYC for the last months and I also got an invitation for the fashion week but for some personal reasons I won't be there! My heart is bleeding man :-((Kisses Juliahttp://geeksndfashion.blogspot.com

  11. Andy, you look awesome, as usual:) I've fallen in love with the YSL jacket, it's beyond amazing!hope, you'll have great time during FW in Amsterdam and then in NY! (a bit jealous of that:P)all the best!xxSashahttp://perfectionistsdiary.blogspot.com

  12. Hey! I saw that u shop a lot on asos.com and I wanted to ask you about their sizes: are their shoe sizes bigger or smaller than what u usually buy in shops (for example for a 38 is it better to buy a 39 because the 38 is rather small). Hope my question isn’t too obscure, but it happened to me quite often to buy online and order a 39 (my usual size) and discover that I should’ve ordered a 40 because the 39 was too small. Anyway, thanks a lot.Anne

  13. Andrea,A HUGE hello from………. BRASIL!!I screamed SO MUCH when I sawyour comment in my Blog, that my husband thought thatsomething wrong has happened!Hahahaha (as we laugh here in my country)BUT I screamed of Happiness!I know how much you are busyand your words of thanksjust brought joy and tendernessto my heart.I am sending positive thoughts and feelings about your wonderful tripto the Big Apple.And I will pray to Godthat this opportunity will mean light and happinesto your mission as a personwho brings BEAUTY and JOYto your readers and fans.A hug and my best feelingstowards you, Andy -which I prefer call ANDREA,because is the same name ofmy only sister!Stay in the Peace of God!!You, Your Family,Your Friends andAll Your Readers!!P.S. I loved this Post! I laughed a lot when you wrote that want to marry to your new camera! Hahaha~~~

  14. Ooooh godd! I'm so jealous right now! I hope my dream is also coming true because I participate the Fashiolista's give away *A*I hope it, I hope it, I hope it!!!Which shows are you going at the AIFW?! It will be lovely to meet you :)Love from,POSE

  15. i'm so happy for you!, for your next work in nyc!…i've been following your blog and i have to say that i love your style!…but sometimes i wonder if you don't feel cold? :-)Baci dall'Italia!Clà

  16. You look amazing! I can't wait to see updates from Amsterdam Fashionweek. Sadly I'm not invited, so I'm going to visit Downtown!!♥

  17. I love this outfit you pulled together <3! and i love how the new camera takes pictures !you should take a look at my blog if you'd like : Mybrunetteworld.blogspot.com thank you .Xo,Eunicia

  18. Great the color!!! spring arrive… Can't wait to wear again all my spring-summer clothes!!!Have a nice day sweety!!!Kiss from Monacowww.addict-to-twins.blogspot.com

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