Let me introduce you, my beautiful pink quartz (it gives you good luck in love, or so they say)

I am a huge fan of basic colors when it comes to buying clothes, but I am also a big fan of adding pops of color into my outfit every now and then, so the moment I saw this lavender skinnies, I thought, why not?

I have been feeling kinda overwhelmed in the past few days, lots of things are happening, lots of changes, some chapters are ending and new ones are starting, I guess that is a part of life and growing up.
Sometimes I find myself wondering about destiny and all that jazz…Could it be true that things are meant to happen?, That some people are meant to be?, Or do we just build things as we go along? What do you think? 

Well, I wasn’t supposed to get all philosophical/emotional on my post today, but while we are at it, I want to share a song I recently discovered and yeah, you’ve guessed it, I have been playing uncontrollably ever since then, my iTunes is starting to hate it, lucky for it, I still love it.


Zipper Coat: STORETS
Dolce & Gabbana bag: Tiziana Fausti

Boots: ASOS


  1. Hi Andy, you look amazing! But I have a question.. Where is you watches from? I thought Paul Frank.. But on internet I can't find a watches from Paul Frank.. xoxo

  2. I definitely believe that everything in life happens for a reason, so as long as you keep staying positive good things will keep happening!Love the lavender skinnies, I actually have a pair that's slightly lighter, now you'd inspired me to try wearing mine in completely different ways!sandboxofdreams.blogspot.com

  3. Yo también estoy en una época de cambios: gente que sale de tu vida, cosas que acaban, cambios… Es duro pensar en todo lo que dejamos atrás, pero debemos aprender a mirar adelante con una sonrisa, nosotros hacemos nuestro futuro, y está en nuestras manos hacerlo increible :)1beso fuerte!XX, Núria

  4. Love this outfit. These shoes always makes me go wow! How the hell can you stand the cold outside while taking outfit pictures, I'm actually freezing to death.And yes, I believe in destiny and that things just are meant to be, but I also believe in hard work and I think if you work hard, you can gain even more.

  5. Andy querida! Muy bellos esos pantalones, buen toque de color como dices =)Yo creo que en parte si existe el destino, pero en otras cosas nuestra vida también depende de nuestros sueños y deseos… si creo que muchas veces ambas se juntan.ánimo en lo que sea que este viviendo :)cariños enormes desde Chile.

  6. LOVE the lilac skinnies – such a great pop of color and so springy! That jacket is so wicked! Great outfit as usual! ashwww.countrygirlcityworld.com

  7. I agree, add pop colors like this skinny is a great idea, love this color !I do think that there is a destiny, things are meant to happen and happen for something, but if you act in a certain way, you can change your destiny, in a good or in a bad way… Because God changes his mind sometimesThat's why clairvoyants don't always see the truth : sometimes they see what was supposed to happen but finally doesn't have to happen anymore… Like Mayas when they saw 2012 was the year of the apocalypse, it certainly has changed now (I hope so !!!) because people are more and more thinking about the environment and try not to pollute so muchYou may think that I'm crazy, but I'm quite sure about that :)xxxhttp://leslooksdecoralie.blogspot.com/

  8. Those purple jeans are brilliant! I think skinny is the best kind of jean to have in bold colour, because they're so simple in themselves. That colour goes beautifully with your NEW COAT too, which i am very jealous of. :)http://fashionregardless2.blogspot.com/

  9. nice!!!:)love the shoes!Go check my LIGHT and DIET-LIKE cook blog onwww.beinitaly.blogspot.comToday I posted the ingredients for CHICKEN WITH LEMON AND GREEN OLIVES!LIGHT VERSION!!!

  10. The magic in all your looks come down to the little details. The hook on the bra. The buttons on the jacket. Most of us would overlook these gems. Great job at capturing the details and bringing our focus in closer! Love the shots, and your simplistic, yet complex ensembles!

  11. Ohhh! por fin veo la chaqueta!! Te queda genial. Ahora, lo que más me ha gustado del look son sin duda esos pantalones, el color es magníficio! :) Besos

  12. Well.. I once read that rich people believe ‘I create my life’ and poor people believe, ‘Life happens to me’.. so I guess is up to you to decide if it's destiny or is it that you're creating your own life… I like to think I create my life, even though is not always like that but oh well.. :)Ps. I Loved the neckless and the outfit! xx

  13. Pienso que algunas cosas están destinadas a suceder, tampoco podemos dejarnos guiar simplemente por las circunstancias que ocurren día a día, muchas veces podemos controlarlas y hacer cambios por nuestra cuenta. :)Espero que encuentres respuestas claras y sigue adelante.Saludos desde México.

  14. Change is inevitable it's how we handle it that really shapes us though. In the mean time nice job rocking the skinnies. Everytime I try colorful pants I feel off like something is not right.

  15. If had a word to define lavender I would say romantic. There's something about this color that make me think about "Wuthering Heights" and romantic heroines. And so chic. YOU look chic. Lovely outfit.

  16. Hey Andy! it's been a week since i discovered your blog and i have to say its amazing! girl your style is worth taking advice from! you are definitely an icon!I have started my own blog some time now!please give it a look if you can and tell me where it lacks!Regards!clairex

  17. Love it! Those boots!thought you might want to know you were featured in my latest blog post!(along with others)http://georgiasorrel.blogspot.com/

  18. as always, awesome style + great pops of color! :)as for your "emotional" part of the post, I think change, whether good or bad, depends on the way you look at it. you've gotten so far bc you've obviously been positive about things even when I'm sure there was some very difficult stuff to surpass but here you are. perhaps things are meant to happen or we build it up ourselves, whatever the case, it's how you take it and see it and convert it to :) you'll be okay! <3

  19. Están increíbles los skinnis lavanda! Buena elección de color :)Yo creo que el destino si está escrito, pero de cierta forma nosotros lo vamos construyendo también. Se oye raro, pero más o menos pienso que es como una carretera recta, pero que de pronto tiene bifurcaciones. Es ahí donde nosotros vamos construyendo, a veces son dos opciones, a veces son 100… pero siempre hay desiciones que tomar. Así algunas nos devolverán a la carretera recta, pero otras tomarán diferentes giros… Hay veces que las cosas las podemos alcanzar desde distintos caminos, pero algunas que habrá que sacrificar por otras… Más o menos así creo que es el destino jajajaQue tengas lindo día!Ana

  20. Al parecer ese abrigo causa sensación entre las bloggers, ¿no es el mismo que tiene Chiara?Me gusta el toque lavanda de tus jeans, alegran el conjunto y le restan formalidad.Bellas fotos.Nos vemos Andy! :)

  21. Loving the lavender pants!! something that I'm still trying to wear, more colors in my life!! I dont know about destiny I think we make our own destiny and the road are just endless there are number ways of possibilities that we can choose. I know sometimes I feel I choose the wrong way but thats just life <3http://reserveradefashion.blogspot.com

  22. That is such a beautiful song. I am listening now in repeat mode. I don't know about destiny.. I don't like the idea that everything is written to you.. I believe we work to achieve our goals, I mean I feel that is the way for me.Love the coat!!:D

  23. you are so pretty! i love your hair and you're so tall! i'm jealous! >.<love your bag!xxvalentinahttp://fashionsqueezer.blogspot.com/

  24. Gorgeous outfit, i like adding some colours to my winter outfits cause im tired to see black everywhere i go hehehe it seems like we wear uniforms…..hehehe xoxo!!

  25. Love the jacket! It looks a lot like one from Burberry.And the lavender jeans look amazing! Not many people would be able to pull that off!

  26. I fell in love with your outfit!! The trousers are amazing…and I like the song too…btw…I don't believe in destiny, but sometimes I feel that I do..and maybe some things happened just because they had to…you'll never know…and even if this sucks it's the way life goes…Ok I've written enough!!Love from ItalyNat.

  27. In my experience, everything happens for a reason, whatever is meant to happen to you will happen, but sometimes you are meant to fight for them. Believe me, it's better to fight for things, that way when you have them you will appreciate them more. There's a saying, it goes something like this; ''Tell God your plans and he will laugh at you'' It all happens for a reason, so enjoy and be happy don't let anything defeat you:)Hope it all made sense lol. http://fasali-myblogspeakthetruth.blogspot.com/

  28. who doesn't sometimes think of destiny and this things. somehow I think that some things are really meant to be but just roughly. I think you have the opportunity to choose the path to get there, either you choose the easy way or you choose the difficult way which is maybe attended with pain but makes you stronger and gives you more experience. however we all should be thankful for the life we have and make the best out of it :)really nice shoes btw. :)

  29. I know that song and like it a lot. it kinda fits to the mood you discribed that you are in. I think everything happens for a reason and hard work will pay off some day. unfortunetely that doenst mean that its going to be easy. and about the lavernder skinnys: they are awesome. I love that colour a lot. it reminds me of spring. X, Anniehttp://www.anniewear.de

  30. ohhh I LOVE the pop of color in this outfit! I think the color adds a little sweetness to it. Actually I'm in loooove with the whole outfit! can't stop looking at it… HYPED (:

  31. i always like your style, it's so simple but define and – i think – elegant. probably the most elegant part of it is you!very nice blog, take a look on mine if u want :)http://lmphotografic.blogspot.com/kisses!

  32. I'm in love with the whole outfit! First of all, the shirt and blouse are made for eachother, second, the quartz is amazing, I love the soft color, Summer will do it even more justice. The pants have a really pretty fit and the color is really nice. Not to mention those shoes, I'ce been wanting them for so long now… ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  33. oh my god i loveee this look the lavender pants are just amazing and that coat…oufff, nice!xoxhttp://brokelittlerichgirl.blogspot.com

  34. oh die jas is supermooi!vraagje,, hoelang ben jij eigenlijk?:)ik ben superlang maar hou echt van hakken! ik durf ze dus niet aan te doen omdat ik dan meteen 2 meter ben:(

  35. You look gorgeous! I love those skinnies! It's such a refreshing color for this time of year. I have a quartz necklace too–hope to it brings me good luck in love as well! xx

  36. brilliant look, totally gorge, loving the mix of textures and styles, amazing job pairing military coat with these funky pantshttp://elenavasilieva.blogspot.com/x

  37. your coat is amazing. this zipper makes it unique. just like cos coat. love it!you look classic and chic. as always you can perfectly put some color in to those kind of outfits. you make them really funky!love it!xoxo

  38. Lovely look; your jacket and your boots.I'm wondering what kind of work you do in Amsterdam? And if you even speak any worths Dutch?Also u've really nice long leggs! XoCana and Hazal from AmsterdamSistersandsisters2.blogspot.com

  39. The first picture is kind of amazing!I think it is more like Amado Nervo said in En Paz, that we all are the architects of our own destiny.

  40. Amazing zip coat….I love purple trousers too!!!!————————————http://thevogueadvisor.blogspot.com/————————————

  41. I totally believe that 'things happen for a reason' and all that malarky, so just try to go with the flow! I have some pink quartz next to my bed, what better place to put it;) Love the skinnies! xx

  42. Andy!! me encanto esa chamarraa!! y el color de los skinnies esta bien padre se ve muy bien con la combinacion de colores neutros :) Saludos desde México!!

  43. you look awesome.. love your jacket with the zip detail.I sometimes feel the same way you do. when there is just too much going on at once. I think its best to just take each day as it comeswww.missmollyfashions.blogspot.com

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