LOOK OF THE DAY “Firenze4ever day 2″

January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy

I am sorry for the lack of updates during the weekend, but it was completely hectic and I didn’t have time to go through the thousands of pics I took until now.

Firenze4ever 2nd edition is over and what an amazing event it was, way better than the first edition, which was also so much fun, so you can only imagine what an amazing time we had!
I met up with old and new blogger friends and we had the time of our lives, they are all incredible people and so much fun so it made the whole experience even more amazing. 

This is what I wore the first day but my photo shoot pics from LuisaViaRoma are yet to come, so stay tuned!

In the pics: Carolina, Caroline, Yara, Sabrina and Daniel. (cin cin guys!, miss you!)


Sweater: Stine Goya via 30Cancan
Skirt: River Island
Watch: Michael Kors via My-Wardrobe