Here are some pics from last night’s “The Borrel party” at the ModeFabriek in Amsterdam.

Nothing better to do on a lazy Sunday than go to a party and meet up with fashionable friends. Bryan was visiting us and it was so nice catching up after so many months of not seeing each other.

Amsterdam Fashion Week starts on Wednesday and few of my bloggers friends are flying over for it, so let the Fashion week season madness begin…I will keep you posted!


In the pics: Bryan Boy, Jean Paul Paula, Leroi, Mo, Sabrina, Edwin and Victor.

Peach Blazer: Storets

107 thoughts on “EVENTS “THE BORREL PARTY”

  1. I missed that party cause I was invited to a dinner. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.Social living gets me on my nerves sometimes :)At least Amsterdam is a bit more stylish and fashionable for a change!

  2. Is Amsterdam the first FW? If so, i can't wait to see the beginnings of crazy February from here. Lovely blazer.. I think you used it before to demonstrate that a good item of clothing was season-less? DEFINITELY is. :)

  3. Hi Andy! I saw you there:) I was also at the party. I never really get the chance to speak to you but maybe next time:) Hope you had a fun night! I did. Loved the people and loved the music!xxx

  4. great photos! you look so stunning in this soft peach colour. and love your amazing gold watch!!! is it michael kors????

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