EVENTS “Firenze4ever 2” DAY 1

We are in Florence again for the second edition of LuisaViaRoma’s Firenze4ever, where bloggers around the world unite for a weekend of amazing fashion and parties.

I have to run for my photo shoot, but I leave you with some pics from our amazing night yesterday. I would name the people in the pictures, but Im pretty sure you already know this crowd ;)

See you soon for more!


142 thoughts on “EVENTS “Firenze4ever 2” DAY 1

  1. this is so cute! looks like a lot of fun! and you look lovely with the maxi skirt and the jumper combo! it's perfect!

  2. andy! those gloves you're wearing (and Chiara too) i'm in loove with them! those golden nails!OMG…where can i find them?XOXO

  3. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! You are all so lucky! Looking forward to the outfit posts… :)Xx Sophiehttp://www.lachosemagnifique.blogspot.com

  4. You and Chiara are too cute. I love both your blogs. Looks like the event was great I love how they personalized the bags…clever, but I wonder what that cost? I'm always curious about things like that never know when I might have to use that idea.

  5. hey what a cool post!love your pictures <3keep on updating your blog, it's fantastic! :D

  6. Oooh you are so lucky..I didn't make it to be there.. :(Maybe next time..Lovely photos..You look like you having an amazing time and I know you do! Keep it up! :)xoxoChara

  7. Que envidia me dais, eme ncantaria estar alli y poder conoceros a todos!Se nota que lo vais a pasar bien!XOXO

  8. Hola Andy, me gustaría saber se tú conociste las brasileñas que también están allí en el evento.¿Podrías me responder en mi blog?Me gusta mucho tu blog.besoshasta luego

  9. Great photos! I am sure you are having a wonderful time, and I wish I could be there to meet you all! You are fantastic people, grea tinspiration for me! :D

  10. Such fun!!! Love the candid shots of you and the other bloggers (aka you friends). Thanks for letting us into your world!

  11. Thanks for sharing such great first day shots- love all of them- the one of you and chiara is awesome with the badass gold nailed gloves, and the last shot of carolina looks a bit like sienna miller how random! Have fun today.Katie.xxfashion clocked

  12. unas fotos preciosas!! e visto que en alguna sales con Chiara!!! estáis guapísimas las 2!!besos

  13. Andyyyyyyyyy so you are now in Italy!!! I've seen your last night was really fab, and I', happy for you that you find again your friends!!! I think I'm coming to Florence too during theese days, when are you going back to Holland? I'd like so much to meet you…

  14. Great! Seems like you are having a lot of fun with the girls and guy!I'm looking forward to see the pictures of you shoot.

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