It seems like the fun never stops when you are a blogger!…I just came back from a long holiday to visit my family, then I was off to Florence for LuisaViaRoma’s Firenze4ever and now I just came back from the ELLE Style Awards 2011, tomorrow, who knows!?

To be honest the ESA were much better this year, I loved the location and the awesome intro to the after party, which was actually the “backstage” turned into a massive dance floor and don’t we all love dance floors?

My outfit was something very simple and that I actually put together at the very last minute. I was dying to wear something red (a maxi skirt preferably), but I didn’t have one, so what did I do? at 4:30, just 3 hours before the party, I decided I would make it myself, so I sat in front of my sewing machine for an hour et voila, the red skirt was ready to go!

Kudos to ELLE for throwing a killer party!


Skirt: Made by me
Dolce Gabbana Miss Sicily bag via Tiziana Fausti

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  1. Beautiful, Andy! The belt and the skirt, and of course: the hair! Lovin it.And btw, just got home from NYC, so I am sort of – kind of – very envious of you right now. ;)

  2. You are way to awesome!! I loveee that if you don't have something you just make it yourself! I wish someday I could be as successful as you are!

  3. woow you look great, maybe you read this everyday or you're not even read it, we are two italian fashionstudents on our way to became something..we are different we don't have a normal fashiongirly blog I think, I don't know what do do we have no followers nobody read what we have to say? why? maybe you could help us, you're blog is faboulus, you are awsome, I would really appriciate it. TxS whit heartthefashionsoup.blogspot.com

  4. Estabas preciosa!!!Eres genial!!Hacerte esa falda el mismo día de la fiesta..increible..pero mereció la pena xp el resultado fué de 10!!Bsotes

  5. You look AMAZING! People always tell my legs go on forever, but yours do too, impressed! :)Love the skirt too ..xOh'blogbymissoh.blogspot.com

  6. it looks amazing! I've already been reading about your lasz´t minute outfit on twitter and I must say it turned out pretty good!! I would love to see some pictures from your holidays at home from MEXICO! Quiero ir a mexico y era fantastico si podrias mostarnos algunas fotos :)♥♥Style-Roulettexoxo,Luísa

  7. wow Andy you looked amazing! That skirt looks like you bought it in a store and not one bit like a last minute DIY creation! ROCKS!Love Loishttp://lisforlois.blogspot.com

  8. Oh sometimes i do the same with jewellry :) One hour to party… i don't have any which would suit… i'm changing a little existing one or do a new pice :D It's so great to be able to creat stuffs when u want and how u want! More of those spontanic designs!bisou

  9. wow andy… que pasada! la hiciste tu??? está genial!!! podrías vender cositas echas por ti porqué estoy segura que las venderias todas!!! y yo te compraria alguna seguro! =)la fiesta se ve muy divertida… que suerte! espero tener oportunidades como esa en un futuro! =)xx

  10. Love the red you are lucky you can sew. In the mean time I must say it sounds like Europe is way more fun than the US. I feel like bloggers over there get to do more and fashion is more celebrated then here in the US. : /

  11. Cada día nos sorprendes con un post cada vez más elaborado!, las fotos geniales! el detalle del cinturón es genial!1 me gustó muchisimo el look que escogiste. un besazo.

  12. Love Your outfit!!! Beautiful skirt! I can't believe you made it at the las minute xoxoWWW.RENEBRAUN.COMYou are welcome to visit my blog too :))

  13. Me encanta! Estás increible!Es genial como has recuperado el collar-ancla como cinturón, queda realmente bien y muy original! ;)Deberías colgar un DIY para hacer maxi-skirts: necesito hacerme una, y a ti se te dan genial! XX, Núria

  14. Amazing skirt Andy!!i have read another article about this DIY maxi skirt, one of my fave is the green maxi that you wore during PFW S/S 2011. i think this is the time you share the secret how to make this gorgeous Maxi Skirt, and hola?! u made it just in one hour?! i'm sure you have the trick and wuld be glad if you share it to us..pleaaaaseeee :))THE SECRET LIFE OF "D"

  15. you look so GORGEOUS andy! i love your look, btw! you're really a genius in making things from scratch! <33xxyoougotsomestyle.blogspot.com

  16. You look great!! the red and black combination are the perfect color for the event!! and loving the shoulder on that blazer <3http://reserveradefashion.blogspot.com

  17. You look amazing! Can't believe you put that skirt together just before the show. I think it is great to see this fibrant colour on you. The show looks great. Wish I could have been there;)

  18. Wow this outfit is so cool,! :D I follow you on twitter and have been dying to see exactly what it is you wore, and it wasn't a let down that's for sure! :) the belt idea is so cute, creative, and works so well for you. Of course I'm loving seeing you in all these maxi skirts all the time, keep it up ;) oh, and great job on making it! xoxo HollyPS. where on earth did you get your amazing earrings by the way?? they are so perfect for fashion parties and such..very jealous :]

  19. You made the skirt?! While I was watching the photos I was thinking: "What a nice skirt. I love it ♥ I would love to have one". Really love it ♥♥

  20. That's a KILLER skirt you made Andy! Wow! Sometimes I wonder how tall you are! You are literally towering other people who stand by you in the photos! :PKisses, Lena!styleloverlena.blogspot.com

  21. I can;t believe you made that skirt right before the party! so industrious! I can't wait to learn how to sew!Juliewww.hiddenjems.blogspot.com

  22. It is a great outfit! And the skirt turned out beautiful. The anchor you added to the belt make it all look quite exquisite. =)amatutare.wordpress.com

  23. I love the colour of your skirt! It is so stunning! And the belt is absolutely adorable :DLove, Ailyhttp://urwhatuwear-aily.blogspot.com/

  24. You look so pretty, as always! And the skirt is just so you and it's amazing you made it yourself and so short notice!Cool!www.aheartandsoulstory.blogspot.com

  25. Cool pictures!And I love that you made the skirt yourself! Wow!Can you give a sewing course or something:D! I would love to learn from you !

  26. only you would be able to make such a gorgeous skirt in the span of 3 hours and then wear it to a major style party; AND be able to pull it off looking like a $1000 skirt.

  27. Seriously, Its you who made it!?! its beautiful! I couldn't wait to go at the end of the post to see the brand of it… What a surprise when I readied you make it by yourself in few minutes!! You really have a talent!!It make you amazing long legs!!! Well done babe!!! ;-)www.addict-to-twins.blogspot.com

  28. Te quedó super padre la maxi skirt! En mi pantalla se ve exactamente del color del logo de H&M :D Me encanta el skull y la fiesta se ve super padre! Es tu novio el de la foto? CuteQ bien q has empezado el año con el pie derecho Andy!Mishell xx

  29. Omg you looked amazing (gorgeous skirt!). I just love your hair. I think I'm going to take a picture of your hair to my hairdresser, cause they never understand how I want my pony…

  30. Wow! That was fast! Good job hahah :D THAT BELT is like WHOA! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Hope your year continues this way, and I hope to see you soon, XXSANIA CLAUSwww.saniaclaus.chic.se

  31. i was reading your tweets about the production of this skirt! it came out so well and you looked lovely! also love how you added the anchor to your belt! glad you had a good time!www.missmollyfashions.blogspot.com`

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