“Some say that the way you start the year, you will end the year”.

That has certainly been true for me,  not only have I started my year traveling, but gratefully I have done it non stop throughout 2010.

I was in Paris about 5 times, London about 3 and had a few visits to Mexico, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Florence and Belgium.
I can safely say, after fashion, traveling is my ultimate favorite thing and I feel so lucky and grateful about the fact that I can do all of the traveling I have done. 
Now, Since they say; “The way you start the year, you will end the year”, I want to end 2010 and start 2011 traveling, so arrivederci!

…More pics to follow.


103 thoughts on “UP IN THE AIR

  1. (forgot to comment on this one, :p ) I absolutely LOVEEE traveling and airplane rides and all that jazz, it's just too much fun, isn't it? :) Glad you had safe flights<3xoxo holly

  2. I also would like to travel. Maybe when I have all the money and stuff. Good luck on your next travel! :)Can't wait for your pictures :)

  3. Hola andy soy una de tantas que le gusta ver tu blog me encanta tu creatividad y me inspiras mucho…suerte en el new year y esta navidad te la pases en compania d tu fam.saludos desde guadalajara.

  4. You are very lucky to be able to travel so much! Thank you for taking us on all of your journeys through your blog! Can't wait to see your future travels!Laurenlaurenspurebliss.blogspot.com

  5. You are so blessed to travel this much I sincerely envy you. I wish I could go even once in Paris, and you've been at least 5 times. I don't know how you come up with the money, because this is my obstacle, but I love to hear everytime from you and see all the pics from all the amazing places. Cheers! :D

  6. Travelling, one of my favorite thing to do ^^ I love to read on my way like in trains, planes…Speaking of planes I don't like sitting tóóó long in the plane :( From Holland to Asia is just to long.

  7. I really want to travel right now, I like the quote, it is so true.But I do not like your post because of it I have not had a smile on your face, you become more serious, Andy. :)

  8. Que suerte!! Así que el próximo viaje a Italy!! A mi también me encanta viajar, todo lo que mi economia me lo permite.xoxoLunahttp://pinkrockandfashion.blogspot.com/

  9. hahha u are soo soo right….same with me..fashion is my number one BABY but after it definitely travelling…and I really hope that this statement is true cause I am here in NYC this time and I really want to be here next year at the same time, as well!!LOVE from NYCJuliawould be a pleasure if u would leave a comment on my blog, too!http://geeksndfashion.blogspot.com/

  10. I love travelling! Paris is my favorit city and I visited it more dan 2 times this year! Amazing! Xoxo Birgittehttp://fashionaccordingtobirgitte.blogspot.com

  11. You're lucky to have the opportunity to travel a lot:) Hope you can travel a lot next year as well to make loads of nice blogs about it again!Xx Jorienshe–said.blogspot.com

  12. I love travelling as well, unfortunately I don't do it as often as I wish I could, but hey, who knows what the future's holding for me? Hahaa!Lovely pictures by the way :)

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