79 thoughts on “SHOPPING “ASOS GOODIES”

  1. Hi, I live in Belgium, last weekend I ordered something on Asos and Friday it was already here! :) So I'm sure these beautiful boots will reach you before Christmas! =)

  2. Loveely things, especially the dress.. And I think you will get it before xmas, as they promise to ship in 6-9 days :)I ordered something as well (well quite a lot), already excited about the package..—-http://fromsisterswithlove.wordpress.com/

  3. Love the shoes, they are amazing,l and the colour of the dress is so you! I had no idea that they are shipping free worldwide so I´m really going to go to the site and see wath goodies I can find!!

  4. The yellow dress seems strange to me, the shape is weird. You'll have to shoot it on you so we can all figure it out ;DxMartyscocoon.blogspot

  5. Lovely dress..!! Can't wait to see it on you sweetie, think you'll look great!I have those suede babies coming my way in taupe, I hope they fit like a glove (on my feet ofcourse ;)Hope your order arrives soon!Love, Daphne

  6. they will!! i've been putting more than 10 orders… and am always receiving all of them within 10 days!!loving the boots you chose!kisses

  7. OMG! That dress is to die for!! Such a great color! Boots are pretty nice too! How do you always seem to find the best items???!! :)Xxwww.lachosemagnifique.blogspot.com

  8. I totally love the shoes. I am going to go check them out on ASOS. I just bought a turban hat from them and Im crossing my fingers in hope that it wont look ridiculous on me! :-P The black boots would look awesome on you! :)www.lefacade.blogspot.com

  9. GOSHHHHHHH,Iam sooo in love with the dress!!!I even love it more than the yellow Lanvin one!! great!!have a wonderful day!!Would love to have u on my blog one day!!KISSES juliaNEW YORKhttp://geeksndfashion.blogspot.com/

  10. Nice!! haha my order is going to arrive sometime by monday! I ordered these ADORABLE white leather gloves with a little bow at the wrist of each, and a turban :D I cannot wait!! :) Hope your order arrives soon!<3xoxo Hollywww.ispyfashiondiary.blogspot.com:)

  11. Oh, I like this dress so much, I planned to buy it for a wedding party, but I chose another.These shoes I bought some time ago. They are beautiful, but very high and not comfortable. I hope that you'll be pleased with them more. Greetings from Poland.xoxo sanna

  12. ASOS is my go to for every occasion. I know everyone else is on the H&M and Topshop bandwagon (which I like them too) but ASOS has so much more of a selection.www.heelstodaygonetomorrow.com

  13. Yeah, hopefully they'll get there in time. You know, I've never really been a big fan of yellow but you always manage to pull it off very well. When you'll wear this dress in one of your posts you could maybe give us some tips on how to wear yellow.-The Trendy Fashionistahttp://thetrendyfashionista.blogspot.com

  14. Andy, I don't know if you read my tweet yesterday, but thanks for sharing!! I'm also waiting for a Asos package, some time this week… hopefully!BTW, the dress looks great!Lala

  15. I do like your comment about them getting their before Christmas because when you look as Asos FB page they obviously have some shipping hiccups. Maybe because it's free shipping? Anyway like the dress not so hot on the shoes, but I do agree it's hard not to shop on there.

  16. jajajja andy pense que estabas buscando zapatos para a nieve lolpero quien podria resistirse a esos zapatos , me pasa lo mismo me meto a hacer eshopping por una cosa y me termino comprando algo totalmente diferente lol que te vaya super en la semana besos

  17. I fell into the same trap! But they have some awesome deals, I bought a beautiful leather black satchel for 39 Euros! It was the deal of the day, 20 percent off, and free shipping! That's just too much for a lady to keep on resisting :) I'm waiting for it to arrive!brunetteblogging.com

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