When I was going through my 2010 photos, I realized that there were way too many memories and looks that I wanted to share with you and thought that making a collage of all them would have taken me at least a quarter of next year. Instead, here are all the pics from my favorite 2010 looks and all the fun events and amazing people that shared this unforgettable year with me…Are you ready for the longest post ever on StyleScrapbook?  … If so, enjoy!

I cant believe another year has gone by and what an amazing one it has been.

I cant begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the support throughout my 3rd year of blogging, not to mention, following me around the world in all my fashion adventures, THANK YOU!

This year has been full of dreams come true, amazing people, trips, fashion and it will certainly go down as one of the most amazing and magical years of my life so far.

It all began with a trip to Paris with a friend at the beginning of the year, from that it turned into a Fashion marathon, where I visited Paris 5 times, London 3 times, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Florence (and so on) for fashion weeks and amazing events where I met incredible people which will probably stay in my life for a long time.

This year ends, but I will take everything that happened with me and make 2011 an even better year, with more fashion, more travels, more amazing people and most importantly, hoping that you stick by my side throughout.

My best wishes to you and your loved ones for this new year to come…May 2011 be full of love, success, happiness and lots of fashion!



224 thoughts on “MY FAVORITE LOOKS OF 2010

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  2. OMG, How wonderful moments with the other bloggers! So funny, you're and Chiara Ferragni are my preferred bloggers!I love your lady style, you're a very ispirational girl! Kisses

  3. 1. I love that teal coat (AMAZING) 2. You own a lot of black and white stripes I never knew someone could own that many. 3. Way to rock the power shoulders. I don't think anyone has been able to pull it off that well since the 80's. In the mean time here's to the New Year. Can't say I am sad to see 2010 go it was a horrible year, but one that came with a lot of lessons and even more interactions, but here's to a new year of fashion and excitement hopefully it turns out to be great.

  4. Oh, I just LOVE your blog! Your outfits are awesome and I've always happy when it's time to visit your blog!!! Happy New Year and God Bless you! :Dhttp://sabinisch.tumblr.com

  5. sólo una palabra para definirte: PASIÓN, porque eso tienes por la moda, se ve y se te agradece mucho todo el cuidado q le pones a cada uno de tus outfits y posts, ¡nos inspiras! :) por eso el éxito que tienes y que tendrás por muchooo tiempo más…feliz 2011¡abrazo grande!

  6. Hi Andy…!!Hey, first of all CONGRATULATIONS for all the "taste of fashion" you give us, hope you will continue sharing it…2nd, let me tell you that as mexican girl I'm terribly proud of what you represent. It's incredible to look how many creativity you have…(serious)Well, then…I work for a newspaper that is "Diario Imagen" I write some "poems" and stuff like that but I would like to write (hope soon) something about your work, I think I've already sent you an e-mail but maybe it doesn't sent correctly… S: so for sure I leave you my e.a (e-mail adress) [email protected] I would be very very happy about receiving news from you and someday if you acced I can make you a little enterview (: really hope you acced… Now for last but not for least, Happy New Year…!!! you know (mejor tarde que nunca) :P Bye* Paloma·P.D.perdón si escribí medio raro en inglés pero son las 2 am y muero de sueño…

  7. Not only is your looks 100000000% spot on! You have tremendous legs! Not intending to sound perverted or anything, you just simply do have great legs!Georgiexx

  8. I love your style. And YOU are amazing! It seems that you have a big big heart and you are beautiful both inside and out.I will follow your blog through the year 2011 and hopefully even after it!

  9. So many beautiful outfits and what an exciting life! I love all the traveling you have been able to do! Best of luck in 2011. Happy New Year=}


  11. ..such an amazing summary of all the great moments of 2010!!!loving the pics!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wish u all the best!!LOVE from NEW YORKJulia

  12. Raramente comento pero lo hago para desearte un hermoso 2011 y decirte que es cierto, cuando se sueña con algo muy fuerte se puede hacer realidad.Mi favorito serà el del leopardo.Un abrazo y feliz fiesta esta noche :)

  13. Hi, Andrea!!A Big HELLO from………. BRASIL!!Beautiful Post!!Once and again: you have a amazing taste for what fits so well in you!!Your photos, specially those of you alone,filled my eyes with beauty!God Bless your 2011!!Stay in His Peace!!You, your family andAll your fans and readers!!~~~

  14. CONGRATULATIONS on all of your success Andy! You are truly an inspiration and I wish you a more fabulous year in 2011! xo<3 Karen

  15. PERFECT post!! I was just thinking of scouring through your archives for nostalgic purposes-you seem to have read my mind! LOVE LOVE LOVE your style!!

  16. love your blog so much! you inspire me to make my own blog a week ago,so i hope in 2011 to improve it :)happy nye :)follow me on:www.glamourgirl-bg.blogspot.com

  17. Oh Andy, have a wonderful new year you too!!! For me, this year has been just SO beautiful, full of projects and it's all also because of you and the way you make me travel around the world and meet cute people just reading your posts!Have fun tonight… LOVEaffus

  18. Picture number 8 is my favorite outfit, your blue jacket and leather pants, ready to be published in Vogue!I wish you all the best for 2011 and I hope your new year's resolutions will materialize.Sofie

  19. congratulations for your awesome year and a happy new year, will it be even better than the last one. I especially love all the red with white-black striped combinations, as well as the mustard coloured dress, the super awesome turquoise blazer and the silkblouse with jeans shorts, although I'm normally really not a fan of that.(: Jojo

  20. andy! todo este año te acompañe durante tu blog! de verdad eres una gran inspiracion para mi!(:eres el primer blog que vi y del cual me enamore me encanta tu estilo! te deseo lo mejor para este 2011 que sigas logrando tus metas y sueños(:desde monterrey, mexico!saludos.atte. Roberta A.

  21. happy newyear to you to love!Loved most of the looks, you seemed to have an amazing year. hopefully all those amazing things will continue, and hopefully we can all see your lovely blogs.x lisa

  22. I love the look with the leopard high waisted harems! And those velvet shoes are killer, :DLove you andy!Wish you the best in 2011!Bisous!valencia from StyleAfterDarkhttp://www.styleafterdark.blogspot.comHttp://

  23. all of your looks are my favorite andy! you make any look extraordinary! work of a genius! ♥ one thing i love about this year is that i started my own blog bec of you. i found your blog (i think it was late december of 2009) because of karla deras from karlascloset. from then on i was totally in awe about your blog && style then around may, i made my own blog because i am really inspired by YOU! thanks a lot! and now, i look at you MORE in awe because of how much you've changed positively/awesomely! ♥ ♥ ♥P.S. hope you'll keep inspiring people all around the globe for the coming yearssss! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  24. Oh,, fue el post mas largo! jajicreible lo rapido que paso, desde ya te felicito por el progreso que fuiste haciendo, tus outfit son maravillosos.Buen comienzo de este 2011!! :)

  25. Andyy, felicidades por ser tan exitosa y por un año genial!!!Disfruta México muchisisisisimo, aquí en Europa esta helando ): …besos de Alemania ;) y Feliz Año Nueeevoo!!que tu proximo año sea todavía mejor que este!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. once again i realized that im in love with all your looks :)! I also live in Amsterdam sometimes i hope to see you ahha but i never saw you :(. Maybe next year! Happy new year Andy!

  27. thank you, you too! Your looks are amazing, and I'm sure they stay amazing! Have a nice NYE and enjoy! xx Nura from 'World Of Fashion Inspiration'

  28. Andy, you must here this about 50 times a day but you have such great style. You're very inspirational. I really enjoyed looking through all of these photos. Your wardrobe is amazing, I'm very envious! I'm glad 2010 has been such a success for you and I hope this will continue into 2011. Enjoy your NYE and let your hair down girl!twitterpatedx

  29. Thanks Andy ;; Happy new year.I'll read your blog everyday, i promise and i hope the next year will be better. Thanks for you Blog, I can't live without it anymore ;)xoxo

  30. Andy que gran año has tenido!espero que el 2011 sea mejor que este para ti y para todos,sigue asi llenando de looks tu blog y de cosas increibles!feliz año!:)

  31. I really like your post ! All your 2010's outfits are great ! Happy New Year Andy ! May all your dreams & wishes come true ! I hope 2011 will be full of great things, for you and for everyone you care about :)I'll definitely keep on following you, admiring you, commenting all your posts :).Bonne année encore une fois ! Your fan, Mégara.

  32. Hi Andy,You're blog is definitely my favourite blog!It was one of the first blogs I discovered and since then I've been following.You always wear fantastic clothes that are affordable and you mix them with some hight-branded accessories and you always look like a million dollars.You seem incredibly nice and a very optimistic girl!Congratulations on the blog!I wish you all the best and a happy and fulfilled new year!Love,Teresa

  33. Oh Andy I envy you! Traveling around, meeting great people, being surrounded by fashion…the pictures really show that you had an amazing year! I wish you a happy new year and that 2011 will be even better (if possible) than this year!xxShelly

  34. wow i truly love this post. all the beautiful outfits and lovely people you hang around with. this must have been an amazing year for you, well, 2011 will only get better! we believe in you, so keep doin' what you do best, being yourself.happy new year!xxx, StyleSktch.

  35. What's a year!!! I hope the next one will be even more better than the last one for you and your blog!!So great to see again some of your look… Some I like, some not and some ather one that I love!!! Continue to inspire us for a long long time…

  36. This is such a lovely post. You are a real inspiration for me and I adore every single outfit you put on. The events and pictures all look like so much fun, you are lucky you met all these amazing people. Hope you will have a fantastic-fab-fashionable 2011!

  37. Great retrospective! I can't believe what a great year you had, it's so wonderful, to be able to travel so much like you do. I am sure 2011 will be great for you as well :DHappy New Year!!

  38. you look absolutely amazing in all the pics:) Wish you all the best in 2011!Happy New Year, Andy:)xxSasha

  39. Andy, Happy New Vogue Year! ;)I wish you a lot of wonderful posts, grandiose events and of course more readers! Come back soon with a great festive report!

  40. Amazing outfits!! U are such an inspiration! Love all your jackets. Especally I fell in love with your green blazer<3 I die!Happy new year!xoxo

  41. I love each outfit of you. In 2010 you inspired me a lot, and I am sure in 2011 this fact won't change. Thank you so much for your contribution to my inspiration:)

  42. Your blog has probably been one of the most successful ones of 2010 and you really do deserve it. Thank you for inspiring your followers all over the

  43. Andy muchas felicidades!me alegro mucho que haya crecido tu blog, hayas viajado y vivir la vida!Este año tambien es especial porque conoci tu blog y desde entonces no me despego!que tengas un exitoso añote quiero!saludos!

  44. Great post !! I love it :) All your outfit is great but I agree with you those that you showed are really the best !Have a great NYE's eve Xoxo

  45. i love your style!todos los dias veo tu blog!si tuviera que elegir prendas de tu armario, me quedaria con:el cinturon de MOSCHINO.los zapatos de H&Mel vestido amarillo de H&Mla americana (verde?) con botones doradosy la americana color salmon :):)Que el año 2011 sea mucho mejor que el 2010♥

  46. Happy New Year Andy!! Your outfits/looks are super great!! but I remember one with a grey baggy trouser and the white flowery jumper… I love that look too! comfy and sexy ;)For next year I will also do my own fashion blog… let see if inspiration comes to me. I have a lot of wishes for 2011, as I have ended 2010 not very well… Wish you the best!Love, love!! :D

  47. Andy….que tengas un muy Feliz Año Nuevo!!!tienes que subir mas fotos!!!realmente el pijama no te ha dejado estar pendiente del blog jajaja…Que el 2011 sea un año fashionistas…jajajacon los mejores looks…y que los mejores deseos para ti!!Desde Chile un Gran Saludo

  48. I'm the fan of red, blue, and green jackets with gold bottons and I love your sweter with eiffel

  49. Ahhh! Collage of stylish fabulousity! I love all your outfits! Each one has that Andy signature I just can not pinpoint! Beautiful outfits, Andy!! Cant wait for what you have in store for us your avid readers in 2011!! :)Happy new year!!XOXO,Sharina of Aviator Shades

  50. Wow, el de la maxi falda verde me fascino. Y ni que decir de ese hermoso vestido mostaza… Pff no lo sé todos me encantan!Sólo tú pudiste tener tan buen gusto todo este 2010.Feliz año nuevo Andy!

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