Could you guess that it was -19 degrees that day? With the wind chill that is, WAY too cold if you ask me, and although I froze while taking these pics, quite literally almost cried on my way back home of how cold I was, I think I like the end result.

Its finally friday and I am still on the quest to find descent (preferably cool) looking snow/winter boots. 
It is getting full of snow out there and quite dangerous to walk on high heels, so I better find myself adequate shoes before I fall on my … Do you have any suggestions?


Black faux fur coat: Storets
Mens Belt: Vintage
Sunnies: Lanvin for H&M

205 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “LONG CARDIGAN”

  1. Love this outfit honey!! Keep on smiling.Visit my blog sweetiessssss :)))linda, tudo bem?quando e que nos vemos?? :((me pode fazer um favor e traduzir isto de portugues pro Italiano?? hahahahttp://deborahpelloni.wordpress.com/SmackD.P

  2. Beautiful pictures!Beautiful skirt! Makeup, stockings, handbag, sunglasses, belt!Everything is fine!And the cardigan, I want to touch it, I want him feeling-I think it's very soft and fluffy. I like the texture very much.I love your coat, fur, black, so suits you!

  3. Love the look and the print on your skirt. Why don't you buy a pair of UGGs? I have them too, they're so warm and if you ask me, not even ugly. They featured on Gossip-Girl a million times too, so … ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  4. That skirt is gorgeous…and the gloves? Brilliant!Gypsy Ghttp://gypsygdesigns.blogspot.comp.s. If you want a warm virtual winter escape, I have some "warm" pictures of our Agua Caliente Park here in Tucson, AZ posted ;-}

  5. I am terrified of what I'm going to do when it gets really, really cold here and wearing tights with skirts won't be enough warmth for me. :( And of course, gorgeous pictures as always.Lilyhttp://errors-of-lily.blogspot.com/

  6. I love your outfit! It's gorgeous – and you don't look cold at all. I was wondering if you could post some advice on what to wear for the cooler winter months. It's my first time to experience winter weather and I would love some tips on how to dress! Thanks!

  7. andy, you seriously blow me away with every single post. Freezing in the cold was definitely worth it because these pictures are beautiful! I really the gloves and mix of bracelets and watcheshttp://thestyle-child.blogspot.com

  8. Love your look! it´s awesome (: actually, I´m from Mexico and my friend is a good reader of your blog, I know it sounds crazy but she wants me to try to make you put "happy birthday fer" and her picture just the 17 december, it´s her birthday! LOL! well she told me thant she'll love that present and also if I tell you, this is my mail: [email protected] thanks a lot (:

  9. BIG UPS FOR ANDY who always manages to give us AMAZING outfit photo's, even though this weather sucks big time and it's too damn cold for photo shoots!groetjes!stylesktch.blogspot.com


  11. This is by far my favourite look by you . I LOVEEE that skirt and that coat is amazing . also love the bag !! great lookhttp://myheadandwardrobe.blogspot.com/

  12. Love the outfit, it´s just beautiful but wheren´t you freazing alot?? When it´s that cold and I´m wearing a huge jacket and a scarf and gloves I´m freazing to death!!

  13. I would say Uggs… They are the only solution to keep your feet warm. I know they are not fashionable, but they are very cozy :) I think in this case (I live in Belgium and know what whether it's their) it's more important to have your toes for the rest of your life ;-) http://myriamfashion.blogspot.com

  14. did you think about Ugg or Emu boots?they;re very sexy and don't look incredible but they're as warm as they look ! i love them . they are very comfortable:)I'm so envious of your legs :Pyou have beautiful legs (extremely long i mean )from freezing Poland with love

  15. lol thats funny. i think it's impossible for me to take photos outside without my nose being all red preety much instantenousely.love the lool, LOVE that bag <3www.aniab.net

  16. Andy I love this look! I also love snow, I know it's cold and everything but it is so worth it!!! My advice for boots maybe timberland, they are not so fashionable but they are just great for snow! I make them work with my outfits on winter! Good Luck with your boots andyy

  17. loving those pics hun!!and the skirt is stunning!Iam soo soo into these watches thing ;-)I really wear it exactly the same way like u did it on this post!!have a great day!Kisses from New YorkJuliahttp://geeksndfashion.blogspot.com/

  18. I didn't realize it snowed over there that much. Interesting. I know when I was in Wales it never snowed maybe one day…the sea air and themp didn't allow for it. Dang girl you need some over the knee boots if you are going to keep doing skirts. I'm all about jeans and sweaters in the winter…you know I realized you never really wear jeans do you have an aversion to them? Hmmm strange I mean I know people who hate jeans, but still they would be warmer.

  19. I personally love snow boots that look like snow boots – some may find them ugly/unfashionable, but I think when styled properly they can look very chic. My faves are the Sorel Joan of Arctic:http://piperlime.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=40835&vid=1&pid=683833&scid=683833042And the Sperry Shearwater, which is a little more masculine, but still very classic:http://piperlime.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=38670&vid=1&pid=792658&scid=792658002Hope you like! xx

  20. Andy you look beautiful and I can't believe that it was -19 degrees then. I live in Poland and on Wednesday it was -25 here and I thought I was going to freeze even though I was dressed really warm.

  21. Andy you are gorgeous on those close-ups! Just stunning!And I love the whole look, but agree though that it is quite dangerous on high-heels during the winter…Just dont buy UGG boots, because they are sooo ugly :) (even comfy and warm, but just to wear in the house)

  22. Great look!But eehhh… it hasn't been -19 in Amsterdam yet. (I know it feels like it!) If you see the forcast on TV that is for the whole country. Here you can find the weather reports for only Amsterdamhttp://www.rtl.nl/actueel/rtlweer/nederland/amsterdam.xmlNot so bad hey??Anyway ehmmm shoes to walk in the snow with? Rainboots, moonboots, rubber ducks, doc martins, red wings????

  23. Hi, Andrea!A Big HELLO from BRASIL!!I do not remember seeing you JUST AS GORGEOUS AND MARVELOUSlike today!Your black fashion with the white snow behind you was pure poetry! I could look at your photos forever and ever!!Stay in the Peace of GOD!You, Your Family in Mexico and All Your Readers and Fans!!WOW~~~

  24. Wonderful photos.Here in Italy it's as freezing as in Amsterdam. I'm actually wearing TIMBERLAND boots. They keep you warm & they come in a lot of different colors. There are even boots, i like them a lot.Otherwise I'm wearing my HUNTER boots with those socks they sell. They are very warm, but their sole isn't as profiled as the timberland's are ;)Good luck for the shoes!Xx

  25. Oh my, -19C ??? that's -2F!! wow andy…that's crazy. it's gonna be 27C for me this weekend! But the grass is always greener on the other side…I kind of wish I was in your place right now, where there's snow, and I bet you would love to be where I live! haha :) You look fantastic though, and although you froze, look at the amazing photos you got!! Great cardigan, where is it from? Have a good day!xoxoHollywww.ispyfashoindiary.blogspot.com

  26. For snow I use wellington boots. They are just perfect! And I like to wear them with warm mini dresses and over the knees socks. It creates a great look. And you have many fashionable options even some designer ones. All very feminin I assure you, you just need to have a look online =)http://bikinipequeninoasbolinhasamarelas.blosgspot.com

  27. I visit this blog everyday because I used to think that you are very reasonable, influential and inspirational young fashionista. I said I used to because now, at this weather, it's kinda stupid to sacrifice your health for a nice outfit. Suffering for fashion is a NO.

  28. I like it!! Your face doesnt show how cold you were haha good job! i was already curious on how the lanvin sunglasses look 'in real life' and i like em! do u think i have any chance in finding them in a H&M store?

  29. Oh my god, it is really cold, I can see in your face!!!Lo que hay que hacer para ser una blogger!!! Ja, ja. Hemos hablado con nuestros amigos en Holanda y nos han dicho que hace un frío de muerte!!!You look great!besos

  30. I don't know how you leave the fireplace in your apartment!! Too cold for this CA girl! You manage to look so chic too, wow.xxhttp://styleinsuburbia.blogspot.com/

  31. Hey Andy!I just wanted to say that thanks to the inspiration i got from Your blog, I won a styling competition in the clothing store, where I work. I also got amazing prize for that and an opportunity to learn how to be store decorator and get promotion. I'm soooo excited and thank You!!:)

  32. your fur coat is lovely and the photos are great but I am wondering how you managed to stay warm? I am freezing here in Madrid and we haven't got real snow yet.Stay warm! Kisses,Lizette

  33. Very, very pretty! I suggest some leather vintage boots? You have a lot of amazing boots and you can wear warm socks in them :) They're not snow boots, but they're better than heels!

  34. What about Hunter?? wear them with nice cozy wool socks.. and of course..Uggs,they sell a spray to protect them from snow and rain..warm,cozy and fashion!

  35. cardigans are a must in this time of year. :)Well, -19 is something that I understand 'cause in my part of Europe was the same plus we have 40 cm of snow (and that's mad in the beggining of December).

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