December 13, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

I just received an email from Paola, one of my readers to let me know that she just saw this T-shirt with a picture of me at ZARA’s outlet store Lefties in Spain.
Few of you are asking me on twitter if I was aware of it and I actually just found out, so I didn’t know about it…Have you seen it in stores already??

I just came back from my weekend in London, I had so much fun but unfortunately I still have a flu, a bad one that is.

Pics from my London trip are coming soon!!!


Paola, una de mis lectoras me acaba de mandar un email para avisarme que en Lefties, el outlet de ZARA, están vendiendo una playera con una foto mia, ¿Alguna/o de ustedes la ha visto? 

Yo acabo de llegar de mi fin de semana en  Londres, sigo súper enferma de la gripa y ya no se ni que hacer.

Pronto voy a subir todas las fotos de Londres, así que estén pendientes :)