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  1. Yay!! Me and my little sister put up our Christmas tree yesterday with gene autry christmas songs playing in the background! For the past three years it was the same ornaments lol But this year its different! Btw you look so pretty Andy! :)♥lasenoritadaisy.blogspot.com

  2. Woow! lovely christmas tree :)do you live all alone in you apartment?xxvalentinahttp://fashionsqueezer.blogspot.com/

  3. i bought this on queenswardrobe…love it!!take a look at my little blog, you may find something interestingI'm a follower of yours!silviehttp://oneadaysilvie.blogspot.com/

  4. Hola! acabo de ver publicidad de tu blog en una revista de León, Gto. Ya habia visitado tu blog desde hace, mas o menos, un mes, y me impresionó bastante ver tu publicidad en esta revista, que me parece, es local,se me hizo super extraño, en fin, eres de aqui?.Felicidades por tu blog! y felices fiestas!

  5. I have an artificial Christmas tree as well. I would love to have real, but still I choose artificial, because I can't cope with thoughts that I kill Christmas tree just for month of joy.Yours looks so lovely!♥xo Ra

  6. Oh God, Andy you look so amazing on the first picture, you should wear you hair like this as often as possible! I have to say that i really like ur blog and u seem to be one of the nicest bloggers and definately not presumptous! i'm also looking forward to x-masxxN.

  7. So classy in such a fun sweater, love it! Can't wait to see some holiday party outfits. Looking for ideas…Till next time,www.lewisembarks.blogspot.com

  8. These pictures make me wish I was spending the holidays with my whole family in Mexico. Those were the good holiday seasons…http://intermediatetones.blogspot.com

  9. December is such a wonderful month, especially when people like you who dedicate their hearts to make it even more special. Thanks for sharing, it really means a lot to me!By the way, just wondering, did you receive my email? If you didn't I'll gladly e-mail it back?-The Trendy Fashionistahttp://thetrendyfashionista.blogspot.com

  10. Great pictures!!! I want to get a tree this year (faux or real) but my fiance is being stubborn :( Thanks for posting these of yours! :)xo,~Kirstin Mariehttp://www.kirstinmarie.com

  11. I also love december, Where I live is only 9:50 a.m in the morning and it is sooo good to already watch a new post from you!! I hope you can watch my blog someday :)

  12. Oh how much I love xmas!!!! I got my tree up too, not as beautiful as yours, but will get some more decorations later lol <3http://reserveradefashion.blogspot.com

  13. Are you not going home for Christmas? That would be sad. This will be the first Christmas I will have been home in 2 years. Eeeek so sad, though there was always a reason for not going home before. Should be interesting.

  14. awww these pictures are so cute!! really helped put me in the mood for Christmas Spirit:D My tree is already up(which is actually white btw!), and I think today my mom and I are gonna decorate it<333xoxoHollywww.ispyfashiondiary.blogspot.com

  15. wow, I love the Christmas tree, it looks fantastic and gives the sense of upcoming holiday:) And I love your sweater badly, it's just awesome:)xxSashahttp://perfectionistsdiary.blogspot.com

  16. Ya pones el árbol? jajajaja la verdad es que yo siempre me acuerdo tarde de ponerlo, y luego cuando toca quitarlo no tengo tiempo y ahí está.Más sorteos pronto! (K)

  17. Wow, finally Winter, December) Hurry to Christmas and New Year (but since we have to first Orthodox New Year's Eve and then Christmas) "Winter is my favorite time of the year!" We, too, will soon put a Christmas tree)

  18. so lovely … I am The Orthodox Christian so we are celebrating Christmas at 7th January … I will start decorating my house at the end of the 3rd week of December .. I cant wait !!

  19. Yes, def is my favourite month too! I'm so excited to start with the decoration and the shopping!!! I love xmas!LAP.S.- I love your sweater honey!

  20. Wonderful and comfy sweater <3 you look amazing !Everything looks sooo lovely :), so christmas love your blogkisswww.tokyoblondes.blogspot.com

  21. Beautiful tree, Andy!I love this wonderful holiday-New year! It's so magical … It's so amazing!Andy, you're so cute in these photos! I really like your hairstyle, you become a home and of course the sweater!I love fourth photo.! It's beautiful!I say "Hello December" and I congratulate you on the first day of December, with the first day of winter!

  22. I can't wait to decorate my tree and intire house this sunday!! I love how you also do everything in the traditional red/white/green colors! Have a wonderfull advent-periode and ofcourse a fabulous Christmas :)..!!Love, Daphne

  23. Hi, Andrea!A Big HELLO from BRASIL!!This is probably and far the Post I liked Most in Style Scrapbook!It was delightful to my eyes seeing you wearing that cream blouse and making your tree to appear like a Christmas Tree! I am certain that this one will be the Best Christmas ever in your Life!Well, your relatives are going to be with you there in Netherlands OR you are the one who will be flying to Mexico? The way it will be, I hope the light of God and the coming of the rememberance of the Jesus Christ birth will fill your days in December WITH MUCH LOVE!!Stay in the Peace of God!You, Your Family and also All Your Readers and Fans!!

  24. Yay! December is awesome :) Holidays, family and great food…best time of the year :)kchttp://a-sparkley-silver-lining.blogspot.com/

  25. que bonito se ve todo decorado de navidad!!!Te ha quedado genial el árbol, aunque yo no soy muy exquisita para estas cosas….me gustan casi todos!!!!besos

  26. Love christmas time! I just put up my tree on the weekend too. But wow, you do yours branch by branch!? That must have taken so long, mine is in like 3 pieces and they just fit together and then the branches just fall into place, very nice and easy =) You definitely have more patience than I do.

  27. i cannot believe it is THAT time of year already, where on Earth did this year go? i remember your Christmas post last year and that felt like just the other day! Also definitely my fav time of year too! :)lovely tree and lovely post!xoxomissmollyfashions.blogspot.com

  28. YAY for DECEMBER!!!! Your tree looks really cute! I'll wait a couple of weeks more though, and then get a fresh one, just can't imagine Christmas without this amazing scent all over my house… :o)xoxo

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