When I was going through my 2010 photos, I realized that there were way too many memories and looks that I wanted to share with you and thought that making a collage of all them would have taken me at least a quarter of next year. Instead, here are all the pics from my favorite 2010 looks and all the fun events and amazing people that shared this unforgettable year with me…Are you ready for the longest post ever on StyleScrapbook?  … If so, enjoy!

I cant believe another year has gone by and what an amazing one it has been.

I cant begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the support throughout my 3rd year of blogging, not to mention, following me around the world in all my fashion adventures, THANK YOU!

This year has been full of dreams come true, amazing people, trips, fashion and it will certainly go down as one of the most amazing and magical years of my life so far.

It all began with a trip to Paris with a friend at the beginning of the year, from that it turned into a Fashion marathon, where I visited Paris 5 times, London 3 times, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Florence (and so on) for fashion weeks and amazing events where I met incredible people which will probably stay in my life for a long time.

This year ends, but I will take everything that happened with me and make 2011 an even better year, with more fashion, more travels, more amazing people and most importantly, hoping that you stick by my side throughout.

My best wishes to you and your loved ones for this new year to come…May 2011 be full of love, success, happiness and lots of fashion!




Lately I have been trying to sleep and rest as much as I can before heading back to my hectic life in Europe.

The past few weeks have been amazing, definitely the perfect way to end my year and start a new one, recharged, full of good vibes and energy.

I haven’t done much outfit posting, but that is because I have been doing a lot of casual outfits, something I don’t do much when I am in Europe.  I do love dressing up and I normally do that in my normal life, but while I am here, I get to be lazy and stay in pj’s the entire day if I want to, that and take nap after nap after nap, I am doing as much sleeping as I possibly can :D

Do you have any plans for NYE yet?


Ultimamente me ha dado por dormir horas y horas, lo que nunca acostubro cuando estoy en Europa, asi que mientras siga por estos rumbos, voy a aprovechar :D.
Las ultimas semanas han sido increibles, me la he pasado tan bien y ha sido la mejor manera de terminar el año, con la batería recargada y llena de buena vibra.

He tratado de actualizar lo mas seguido posible, pero la verdad últimamente me la he tratado de pasar en fachas y super comoda, casi casi en pijama, ya regresando a Europa me arreglare :P

¿Que planes tienen para Año nuevo?


Boots: ASOS

EVENTS “Firenze4ever 2”

Lanvin dress

Antonio Berardi dress

About a month ago I received an invitation from my friends at LuisaViaRoma to attend the second edition of the Firenze4ever event, which is the same I went to during my trip to Florence in June, do you remember?

Of course I immediately said yes and I can tell you that I am super excited about this! 
I not only had the best time during the 1st edition last June, but I met a lot of people which have now become my really good friends.

Just a little over a week and I will be reporting from the Firenze4ever2 event in Florence thanks to my friends at LuisaViaRoma.

I leave you with some pics from the Firenze4ever 1st edition.

See you soon Italy!



It was the day after Christmas Eve, we all woke up a little late from our Christmas Eve party (which is when we celebrate Christmas) and spent the day in the garden talking, eating and at night, we watched videos from the good old days.
I honestly don’t think there was a better way for us to spend this time together, It was amazing and I am so grateful to be able to be here. 

Yes I am bare legged, but its really warm, don’t think I am walking around the freezing cold with a dress and no tights, I am not crazy ;)

How did you spend your Christmas holidays?


Dress: Storets
Jacket: Queens Wardrobe
Sunnies: Grey Ant via 80’s Purple
Watch: Triwa
Bracelet: Brooklyn Thread