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  1. beautiful buys!I really wanted that t-shirt but it wasn´t available in my size anymore…I bought the black one shoulder dress (same as the yellow one) and I adore the fit, it's perfect.

  2. me pase pero no peude entarar porque no me daba tiempo :( q envidia ccompraste mucho?¿?¿ un besazoo te sigoo me encnata tu blogg>!

  3. I literally ran to H&M in Brussels after school to get something, but EVERYTHING was gone! I was really disappointed, because there was nothing left, even though I came in the afternoon.. the employers called the other stores in Belgium if they had something left but they didn't have either.. I would've loved to have that shirt and a lipstick for my friend, which I would've given to her for christmas.. but yeah.. big disappointment for me, I was really sad, but I got over it though haha x)I hope next year I'll be luckier!

  4. Love!What you bought were exactly my favourites.I wanted that white skirt SO bad, but the online shop crashed :/Next time I'll just be line like the rest i guess (:

  5. Me encanta la falda!!!!Que suerte que pudiste comprar tantas cosas. Yo tuve que trabajar, así que para cuando he podido ir ya no quedaba nada :(Otra vez sera!Besoshttp://martinakien.blogspot.com/

  6. Dios! Compraste muchas cosas!Yo también compré el vestido amarillo, esque es precioso! y bueno un pintalabios, más que nada por capricho jajaja Me encanta tu blog, saludos desde Valencia!

  7. I can see you did very well shopping-wise :)I got some pieces too, and looove them!ps: just posted my look with them:)Bonne journée Andy and can't wait to see your own looks too!

  8. ANDYYY!!jajajaque genial, mucha coincidencia…ayer comente que me llamó la atención un vestido amarillo que estaba colgado, y se veía a lo lejos en una foto…Y justo lo veo aquí!!!Es hermoso tal como lo pensaba, y el vestido negro, tambien es muy bello!!!Saluudos desde Chile

  9. Eres tan afortunada de haber podido comprar todas esas piezas, los lentes y la falda son mis favoritos <3http://everysundays.blogspot.com

  10. Gaaasp!!! You got the gray dress that I love so much! Lucky you! Can't wait to see how great it looks on you! :) ♥lasenoritadaisy.blogspot.com

  11. I want to get exactly the same things but i didn't have a chance to go h&m. :(Btw, the grey dress and glasses are gorgeous.chanelaboutforabout.blogspot.comjadoremarc.blogspot.com

  12. Hey Andy! Hace mucho que te leo pero nunca habia comentado! Este post de Lanvin bien lo merecia ;) creo que todos estamos deseando ver como los llevas, esperamos fotos pronto! Yo pense en ir a la venta de Barcelona, solo por curiosidad, pero de solo pensar en la que habría montada allí bffff…En fin, que me encanta lo que haces!! Besos!! ;)

  13. I personally don't like this Lanvin/H&M stuff, it's so… unaesthetic? Too many patterns, fabrics, glittery things and all at the same time. Oh, not to forget about those jagged, dirty edges. It's kind of disgusting. What I might like are tulle dresses, but under one condition – without those hideous nude fabrics at the top, they're ruining the hole look. I suppose that's all I've got to say,greets, A.

  14. all these clothes are gorgeous!!! I really love ur blog & also ur style! I'm trying to start mine but i don't know how to make it look cool. which program do you use to edit photos and all this stuff?many thanks, i'll visit ur blog regularly! <3Ariadne.

  15. Dire que j'ai obligé my lovely Boy friend à acheter le pantalon bleu Lanvin pour H&M, uniquement pour avoir le jolie shopping bag, que j'Adore! (La collection femme était dévalisée!)

  16. Has comprado todo eso o has obtenido algun regalo? Yo he ido hoy, pero no he sido tan afortunada…www.rukfronzoli.blogspot.com se ha agotado en seguida, y mi horario no me permitia otra cosa..:(

  17. all of these pieces are so much fun I bet you cant wait to wear them already! I didnt have any luck…was so exhausted to be up at 7am, and had to work so no shop to visit either! Cant wait to see outfit pics…dreaming of the black pouffy dress, pink necklace and shades….Would love you to visit me! Katie.xxfashion clocked

  18. Lucky you! It was such a nightmare in the store today, I couldn't find the dress I wanted. Can't wait to see you in your new clothes xxxwww.fashiondevotion.com

  19. you snatched up some pretty amazing items, i love your taste!!! can't wait to see the outfits you put together with these new additions…Miyanwww.miyan-overseas.blogspot.com

  20. ahh im so jealous i went online an hour before they even released them but the website was already in chaos. i got in at 9.20 but the sunglasses (the only thing i REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted) were all gone :(

  21. wow! Eres millonaria? jajaja, a mí con suerte me habría alcanzado para comprar un vestido y habría quedado sin dinero.De todas formas, está genial lo que has comprado, me encantó todo, especialmente el vestido amarillo, que ya se lo había visto puesto a Chiara de Theblondesalad.com. te felicito por tus tan maravillosas compras. Cuánto desearía yo que hubiera al menos una tienda de H&M aquí en Chile… pero no, aún no llega y quizás cuándo llegue.En fin, que tenfas un lindo día, besitos Andy.Bye

  22. The only thing I like from these pieces are the sunglasses ! Because they are in plasti and they aren't done with the same horrible material of the clothes !I like the design of these dresses but the quality… ! But this is my mind.I would like to buy the fur jacket and the red shoes :)love your blog Andy !kisswww.tokyoblondes.blogspot.com

  23. Great buys honey!! Love the yellow dress so much! Unfortunately it was sold out when I could finally reach the H&M webshop :( But I ordered some other items I really wanted…♥www.lachosemagnifique.blogspot.com

  24. Fue muy creativo en cuanto a publicidad y diseños pero hubo un gravisimo error esos vestidos tienen unos imperfectos en cuanto al acabado y la calidad de la tela es que la primera vez que los vi en fotos por chiara ferragni quede :O pense que era algun error el final de los vestidos era horrible pero ahora que lo mire personalmente me quejo

  25. The dresses looked great and luxurious in the video and pictures but when I saw the prices I was like: "OMG, how does H&M dare to ask 150 euros and about 100 euros for a dress that wans't even created by but was inspired and approved by Lanvin???" But I still liked the dresses and wanted one so badly. But when I see the dresses you bought they don't look like the ones in the campaign. They're unfinished, see trough and the quality looks bad. I'll might be buying a shirt and accesorie but certainly not a dress… But I'm sure you'll rock these ;). ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  26. lucky you! I just couldn't bring myself to spend so much money on dresses with such poor quality…even though the designs are awesome!I got up at 5am today and ended up buying the skirt in black + the red lipstick ^^

  27. I didn't go to H&M.All those hysterical screaming and pushing girls…Not for me. :DEven though there weren't so many people waiting in Brussels and Antwerp as they expected.x Kriziawww.krizia-shark-attack.blogspot.com

  28. Why are the seams on both dresses falling apart like that? I saw that earlier in other blogs too, but thought it would be perfected later, that they were like that because they were prototypes or something. Apparently I was wrong, and the quality really sucks.

  29. Your lucky you got in I heard there were horror stories of line waiting on this collection. I will say the branding is fantastic, but those one shouldered dresses drive me mad with the hem lines…I don't know I guess I like finished hems I feel like my cats would go fo the dangling strings as they appear to be on the hem which would be disasterous that and the fact that I have no idea where those would ever get worn too, but I guess you get more chances to wear that stuff. I do like the skit though. I can't wait to see that in an outfit post.

  30. I really love these items. I have the same tee and I want that skirt but I don't know if it is something for me. But I have regret that I didn't bought it. Anyway I bought the gorgeous tee with the legs and the nude lipstick.

  31. Great job! I got the yellow and black dress but all black. I also got the leopard print clutch, and the pink dress I'm wearing on my blog. But this was also on Saturday when it debued here in America.Great job Andy!!!Besos,Cristalhttp://www.bisouonline.com

  32. Nice nice ^__^ I saw that yellow dress in the Lanvin commercial! I looove that white dress with ribbons and the skirt is gorgoeus…

  33. That grey dress is just gorgeous. I traipsed all the way to the Champs Elysee and the queue was so horrendous (to get a wrist band to be admitted at a certain time), that I didn't have time to wait and had to come home – empty handed. Very, very, very sad :(

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