I dont think a style collage can represent my style better than what I put together this morning.

These looks are what keep me inspired lately, and although I am having a really hard time choosing what to wear in the past few days (I blame the weather), I can always go back to my “inspirational folder” and find something I love.

Happy Saturday!

P.S- I will announce the winner of the 80’s purple giveaway tomorrow, so come back!




  1. wow i definitely love all of these look, especially the MK looks<3 Can't wait to find out about the 80's Purple Giveaway tomorrow, :) (I hope there might be an outfit post prepared too??? Haha I'm selfish like that:p I love your outfit posts, makes my day better <3 )xoxo

  2. Hi, Andrea!!A Big HELLO from BRASIL!!I loved your collage!You are right: look back to what inspire us always give a fresh air to our day and also to the way we look to our own clothes!BE GOOD! BE WELL!You and All Your Readers!

  3. hih,quite a coincidence that my name is Satu and i absolutely love these Saturday inspiration's outfits ! :Dgreat collage as always, thnx for sharing ^^

  4. WONDERFUL inspirations, I LOVE them ! I especially love them sparkly blazer and the Burberry Prorsum coat, amazing !love your blog dearhave a nice nice nice day :)

  5. Such a beautiful collage.I love the coat Burberry!And the sweater on the first photo, he is such an air, in combination with a long skirt …I liked the jacket at the third picture is so beautiful!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!I am so doing the one with the boyfriend blazer :) And I will raid my fave vintage shop for some nice maxi skirts, you rock them so well!

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