Those who follow me on twitter will know that I have been in the haunt for the perfect retro headphones for a while now.

I am an ipod user but to be perfectly honest, the ipod headphones drive me crazy, I cant seem to break the tangling mystery behind them, I mean, seriously, I pack them neatly in my pocket and as soon as  I get them out, its becomes a web of cables, almost impossible to untangle!

Anyway, I think that the cool thing now is to have retro headphones so I have been searching far and wide until I found these. They are not only retro, but they are are golden mirrors, oh my, I am in love!


Headphones: HIFI TO GO
Sunnies: Grey Ant via 80’s Purple

112 thoughts on “RETRO HEADPHONES

  1. What a coincidence, I just got new headphones too.Everyone envies me because they're the best headphone in the world: scientifically proven.Sennheiser HD 25 1 – II. Very small, yet the biggest en best sound in the world.

  2. wow LOVE your headphones, LOVE your new sunnies, and LOVE that polka dot blouse you're wearing!!! :) you're skin is flawless girl, :) you are one lucky person <333xoxo

  3. Hate ipod earphones too! mines are always tangled up ugh! … Those new of yours are not only cool but they are so original! … Have a lovely day ;)

  4. Oooh I like these. Most Rero headphones are hideously bulky and just scream 'try-hard', but this pair is really quite chic. Then again, I would expect nothing less from a budding style icon like yourself. Cute braid too.

  5. yo también estoy contigo!!!Amo el ipod pero no soporto los cacos pequeños. yo también tengo unos como esos!! son geniales!!besos

  6. Super cute Andy, I love the sunglasses too!I love your blog to death but I am definitely NOT a fan of having to click and view everything after the jump!! I like to be able to just scroll and see all your beautiful pictures at once!!xxx

  7. How much fun are these!? So super cute, and they really help bring out the color in your hair, it makes it look very

  8. nice headphone!when are you going to show us your christmastree and decorations? i'm really looking forward to it. do you have tips for shops where i can find nice christmasthings? (ik wist niet of je goed nederlands verstaat/kunt lezen. kun je dat eigenlijk? daarom maar in gebrekking engels haha)

  9. love the gold!iPod headphones are the worst. i had a pair for less than 2 months and the right side stopped working altogether. i had to keep switching the good side from one ear to the other so that i wouldn't go deaf in one ear. lol.

  10. Hi, Dear Andrea!A Big HELLO from BRASIL!!You always make me smile with your Posts! You are right: some modern earphones make us CRAZY and I loved yours old one, as I saw in your photos! WOWI loved also the make-up in your eyes. You look a (Beautiful )Cat, as we say over here in BRASIL!…Stay in Peace!God Bless You and All Your Readers!!

  11. they're simply gorgeous ! I have a similar pair too and I have to say that I love them :) !Love your style dearlove your

  12. Wow!I like it!You are so cute!You have such a beautiful hairdo! And your reflection in the mirror-class!I liked these retro headphones!

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