Drawing of me by Belinda Chiang

And now is when you guys say: “She does look alike!!!” :P

Happy friday party people!!! ♥

P.S- Thank you so much Belinda, you are amazing with that pencil!


Y ahora es cuando ustedes dicen; ¡¡¡Si se parece!!! :P

¡Feliz viernes!

P.S- Muchísimas gracias Belinda, ¡Haces magia con ese lápiz!



66 thoughts on “READERS ART

  1. Your blog should get an award for most talented readers. Ahhh sad that I missed this blog the other day because bloglovin was actin up on me and wouldn't update the blogs :( it's okay though I came back.

  2. Es increible!!! Pero si parece que lo haya calcado o algo!!! Creo que de todos los dibujos que has publicado es el que más se te asemeja :)Un beso!!

  3. A Big Hello from BRASIL, Andy!!If your SOUL and your HEART are so beautiful as you look like, so you are one of the most pretty girls in the whole world!Many times we are too many concerned about how we look like and, unfortunately, we forget to make our MIND and our SOUL as gorgeous and as shining as our body and clothes.I wish with all my heart you, Andy, and All Your Readers to be GORGEOUS inside too.A Big Hug and Kisses from a brazilian girl who appreciates your Blog!!

  4. I am very jealous of this persons raw artistic ability. Wonderful depiction of Andy. Captures her personality and her style in one shot! :)

  5. That drawing is gorgeous.. And your so lucky you could visit the H&M showroom! Wow in real life the pieces are even prettier. I wanna lay my hands on the lipstick.

  6. These drawings are wonderful! compliments to the designer and model! ihihih :Dyou're fantastic, Andy!

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