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Grey sweater: Queens Wardrobe

I am still so overwhelmed, extremely happy and grateful for your reactions to StyleScrapbook’s anniversary yesterday.

Thank you for the love and for the amazingly sweet drawing some of you sent me, they mean the world to me.





I was sitting on my bed, all cosy under the covers preparing my third anniversary post when I just suddenly started day dreaming for about an hour, thinking of how many things I have experienced and how far I’ve come in the past 3 years.

When I started StyleScrapbook 3 years ago, I never ever expected this to happen, I never thought that exactly 3 years later, I would have been lucky enough to get invited to Paris Fashion Week already twice (which was always my biggest dream), to have met so many incredible people, to be able do what I love as my job.

So many things have happened, so many places I have been to and so many people I have met, all in such a small period of time and everything thanks to this blog, which is my small treasure now,  the place where I can share with you that when you have a dream and you really go for it, nothing is impossible.

Thank you SO MUCH for all the support and I do mean it, from the bottom of my heart, because if it wasn’t for you who are reading this right now, StyleScrapbook would have stopped a long time ago. 

I know I have said it so many times, but I cant ever stop thanking you for being here right now and I can only hope to improve every day, because you deserve the best.

Thank you so much for being here right now and thank you for being a part of this!



Cuando empece a escribir esto, estaba en mi cama debajo de las cobijas, pero de pronto ya no pude escribir mas y me puse a soñar despierta por casi 1 hora.

Es increíble el pensar que hace 3 años, estaba tan triste y desmotivada, no sabia que hacer con mi vida y de la nada, tan solo un flash de inspiración, se me ocurrió empezar con StyleScrapbook.
Jamas imagine que mi vida seria así 3 años después, que mi sueno de ser invitada a la semana de la moda en Paris ya me hubiera pasado 2 veces, que he conocido a tantas personas tan increíbles y que soy tan afortunada de que mi trabajo es hacer lo que me apasiona.

Muchísimas gracias a todos los que son parte de esto, que me han apoyado y que me siguen visitando.
Para mi es muy importante el hacerles saber que cuando tienes un sueño y te atreves a alcanzarlo, nada es imposible.
Jamas te dejes desmotivar por lo que digan los demás, si yo lo hubiera hecho, ahorita no estaría aquí compartiendo mi experiencia.

De nuevo mil gracias por su apoyo y por ser parte de esto, para mi es un honor el saber que me visitan y disfrutan lo que hago, solo espero poder mejorar cada día por que ustedes merecen lo mejor.



Today started as just another day, It was cloudy outside, probably VERY cold and the forecast said it would rain and probably hail, oh well, Just another winter day.

The post man rang the bell of my house, I opened the door and he delivered a huge box from Tiziana Fausti which I anxiously opened… My day changed in a matter of seconds as soon as I got this beauty out of the box and how can I not? Its not only PERFECT in every way, but its one of those bags which you can style with anything and everything, that has the softest leather I have ever touched in my life and the perfect size to carry all the goods, a fashionista like myself packs in her bag every morning.

What else can I say, Im not only in love with this bag, but I cant wait to get out to the cold, cold day, just to be able to wear it for the first time… The Miss Sicily bag and I officially start a romance today.

Miss Sicily bag by Dolce & Gabbana: via TizianaFausti




With Hussein from YesterdaySucks

With Mo

Goodie bag treasure

Those who follow me on twitter will know that last week, I was invited to the Luxottica press day to view the new collections of my favorite accessories; The sunnies!
I love press days and events like this because above all, I get together with other fellow blogger friends and truth is, we are becoming a close bunch, which is one of my favorite things about being a blogger, all the amazing people I have met.

It was so hard to choose any favorites and I noticed that a lot of brands are doing the aviator look for next season (just like the Ray.Bans above) … I guess they picked up on the trend, so now we just have to match them with our aviator shearling jackets :P.

I must say that I loved so many of the new models but I will stick to the aviator theme for now, as I have already a lot of oversized sunnies.

Lucky for me, as I was leaving, I was given a goodie bag with my favorite pair of Ray.Ban aviators. I remember my dad having a similar pair when I was a child, I used to ask him to please let me wear them and ever since then, I always wanted a pair just like it… Lucky girl, now I do!


P.S- Dont forget that tomorrow is StyleScrapbook’s 3 year anniversary and your last chance to enter my FINSK wedges giveaway!

Pics by Masterphoto – Marco Kuijpers